Booklet Tips – Book or Booklet First, Then What?

You may have written one or more books, or have been thinking about writing one or more books for longer than you can remember. Whether your book exists in print, on your computer screen, or in your mind, a tips booklet propels you further than your good imagination has likely considered.

While you continue thinking that someday you’ll write a book, you could write that book by doing one tips booklet at a time, and have something published throughout the writing process by doing that booklet. Doing multiple booklets lets you create your book a chapter at a time. Ultimately you have enough for a book as you’ve taken the journey more painlessly than sitting down to write tens of thousands of words at a time. You also immediately have choices to offer your market.

If you already have “book author” as part of your bio, writing one or more tips booklets is a valuable way to expand your reach and increase your revenue. There are people who want bite size pieces of your brilliance as an introduction to your expertise. They will then want more once they digest that. Your book is one of many ways you can provide them greater depth.

You can also bundle the booklet with the book as a “gift with purchase,” adding value to your buyers’ investment. The booklet can also become an outline for you to develop an entire course, teleclass, or webinar, with the booklet presented as course material in printed or downloadable version – or both.Again, this adds value for your student, expresses your generosity as a content provider and instructor, and helps retain them as a client.

The booklet content is a springboard for expanding into other products and services to accompany your book or to substitute for a book. You may find interest among your followers for a mastermind group, a book club or a membership club offer. Booklets open the door; books guide the journey.

ACTION – Imagine as big a picture as you can with your expertise, including specifically who you want to reach, why you want to reach them, and how many ways you can do that with product and service offers. Once you have brainstormed all of that without editing the flow of possibilities, consider the easiest (and enjoyable!) ways to solve the challenges your people have expressed. Offer those solutions before you create the product or service to test the real, true interest. Pre-marketing and pre-selling your product and service ideas lets you develop solutions as time and cost effectively as possible for people who really want what you are thinking of offering and who will take action to move forward. What you may have thought was the ultimate answer in the ideal order for your audience could be the last thing in the world that they want, now or maybe ever. That book you labored to write could turn out to be a wonderful piece of clay for you to now re-shape in many other delivery methods that are a better match for people who, in the end, can’t get enough of what you can provide.

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