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7 Things to Do While Waiting for Gym Equipment


No, there is no excuse for you to hang around the machines, chat with your friends, hang out at the juice bar or attract the attention of the personal trainers when all the machines are taken up at the gym. There are many more things that you can do that will benefit you. After all, you do want to make the most of your time there at the gym, right?

1. Check if there is an ongoing class

A yoga or kickboxing class might be ongoing at that time. Instead of just hanging around and letting your body cool down, why not go and learn something new? It’s definitely good physically too.

2. Pop into the spa or the sauna

We all need to relax at some time or another. You might usually head there after your workout but why not do it the other way round instead?

3. Stretch

This is what we usually do before we start our workouts. If the machines are being hogged, why not stretch some more? You will never go wrong with this.

4. DIY without the machines

In days before gyms appeared all over the neighbourhood, how did people keep fit then? They did squats, push-ups, sit-ups and calf raises. You can do this too!

5. Jog

Take a run either around the building or on the spot itself. Jogging on the spot for 10 minutes is also definitely better than not doing anything at all.

6. Use other exercise tools

There are other objects that you can use for your workout. There might be fitness balls and dumbbells which no one is using at the moment. Work your biceps and triceps with those dumbbells, and then your legs and bum with the fitness ball. If there is a yoga mat lying around, you could do stomach crunches as well as some yoga stretches.

7. Talk

I bet this is what you have wanted to do all along but nope, I am not suggesting that you go and ask the hot trainer what his/her interests are. Instead, speak with your trainer on how you can improve your workout, or get feedback on how you have been doing all along. He/she might even suggest other workouts that are beneficial to you.

So each time the machines are fully occupied, don’t just hang around waiting for time to pass!

Source by Anna Peacocks


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