9 Reasons Why You Should Become A Weight Loss Coach

  1. It’s great work. You have the honour of helping people solve one of their most difficult problems. And in doing so have a massive impact on a client’s physical and emotional health. And in many cases a positive flow on effect onto their family and friends.
  2. You can charge a premium for your time. You are a specialist focussing on an area of weight loss that no pill or powder can even touch. You go to the heart of the problem and help people change at a deep level. You can advise on diet exercise and most importantly unconscious mindset.
  3. If you are doing a physical job such as personal training you know you have a life span, plus if you are injured or even unwell it’s very hard to do. As a coach you can still instruct in exercise but you can shift to an office based practice if you wish.
  4. You are not restricted to any particular location you can see clients in your home in an office and anywhere in the world via the magic of Skype.
  5. You can leverage your time. You can see clients one to one but you can also run groups, plus you can use video to give out your generic information. As you scale up your return for your efforts skyrockets.
  6. Need a new direction or a complete change. The great thing about the iChange training is that you can complete it and be seeing clients in just 4 days and it is priced to be accessible to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a truck driver or a lawyer you will be able to kick-start your new business quickly.
  7. Need more cash. Just seeing one client a day is $1,500 per week, or maybe you just do one a week at $300 that would pay bills or let you play more on the weekends. You know exactly how much extra income you need and how much difference it would make.
  8. Looking for a challenge part time, hypnosis is fun and interesting using the power of language to change people’s lives. But don’t worry you will have all the scripts and guidance to get started quickly, but in time you will want to free-lance the process and be more creative if you choose.
  9. You can jump and make a business of it, see a few clients’ part time or run groups. This is a very flexible process.

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