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Are Chronic Diseases Man Made Or Natural? The Top 10 Causes of Death


Up to the late 1800s the leading causes of death were infectious diseases, tuberculosis, pneumonia and syphilis.

During the last century and up to the present day, cancer, heart disease and other chronic ailments have become the leading causes of death. Now we all know that sanitation and personal hygiene have improved dramatically even over the last fifty years,and everyday access to fresh produce can explain the decline in deaths from infectious disease.

But what is the reason for the explosive growth of chronic diseases that are killing millions of Americans and Europeans every year? Look at the statistics.

The Top Ten Causes of Death In The United States of America.

1. Heart Disease 652,486

2. Cancer 553,888

3. Stroke 150,074

4. Respiratory Disorders 121,987

5. All Accidents 112,012

6. Diabetes 73,138

7. Alzheimer’s 69,965

8. Influenza & Pneumonia 59,664

9. Kidney Failure 42,480

10. Blood Poisoning 33,373

Source: U.S. National Center for Health Statistics (2007)

Now just by pure coincidence the revenues of large multinational corporations who produce a large chunk of the worlds pharmaceuticals, chemicals and agrochemicals have risen expotentialy.

Cardinal Health (healthcare) $47.9 Billion

Merck (pharmaceuticals) $47.7 Billion

Pfizer (pharmaceuticals) $32.3 Billion

Glaxo Smith Kline (pharmaceuticals) $29.5 Billion

Bayer (pharmaceuticals) $27.1 Billion

United Health Group (healthcare) $23.4 Billion

Bristol-Myers Squibb (pharmaceuticals) $21.7 Billion

Pharmacia (pharmaceuticals) $19.3 Billion

Novartis (pharmaceuticals) $18.9 Billion

Amerisource Bergen (healthcare) $15.8 Billion

WellPoint Health Networks (healthcare) $12.4 Billion

Source: Forbes 500, 2002 Revenue.

This rise in chronic diseases has also coincided with the rise of intensive animal and agricultural farming. Animals are routinely dosed with growth hormones and antibiotics.

Chemical weedkillers, many of which have been banned in recent years, notably DDT, were approved by governments all over the world. And yet these were widely used for many years.

Perhaps some or all these safe and government approved chemicals are the cause of some of the chronic diseases that are plaguing our modern times. Many of these chemicals which are ingested through what we eat can stay in the body for years.

Obesity is a by product of all these chemicals and intensive farming which in itself will lead to heart disease, strokes and high blood pressure. With chronic diseases causing so many deaths there must be ways we can reverse these awful statistics.

Source by Paul Frank Wilson


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