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Body Building Diet


Bodybuilding requires complete physical and nutritional check. When you are able to complete your physical exercise routine, the next thing you need to check on is the proper diet you take to complement your bodybuilding routine.

You know very well that over training for bodybuilding doesn’t help you gain weight or improve your physical condition. What’s worst is that people have this misconception of training hard and then missing out on rest and lots of sleep, not knowing that you inflict the negative way of gaining weight.

Our body muscles are mostly composed of water and protein, and in order to maintain the regular intake of protein to our body is to eat food rich in protein. Bodybuilders are one of the people who need regular intake of proteins to their body. Why? Simply because protein has lots of amino acid in it, that when the body digests a protein rich food, the amino acids make it possible to build new tissues for specific parts of the body. So, our body muscles which need regular amount of protein everyday, gets amino acids to help it grow. The same reason is applied to the muscles of a bodybuilder because of rigorous training during bodybuilding.

Foods like eggs, liver, kidneys, beef, fish, cheese, milk, nuts, beans and some grains are excellent source of protein everyday. Make sure that you have any of the protein food in your diet. Also, be careful in taking in food rich in carbohydrates and sugar. Not all food rich in carbohydrates have positive contribution to your bodybuilding routines. Although most of the food rich with refined carbohydrates may contribute to boost your energy, the problem is, the effect doesn’t last long.

Body appearances also has different intake needs. Ectomorphs and Mesomorphs need to increase their caloric intake while Endomomorphs should take lesser calorie intake. Remember, the diet is important for gaining muscles not for eating pleasure.

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