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Body Workouts for Men: Five Days Plan to Build Muscles


You can perform body workouts for men either at a gym or in your own home. If followed effectively, the workout routines will be very useful in the overall development of your body. For away from building your muscles and giving you a good body shape, it also helps to improve your overall health.

The following is a one-week workout program that you can follow.

Day 1

Day one should focus more on mild cardio exercises including abdominal as well as flexibility exercises. Start your day by jogging on a treadmill at home. This will serve as your warm-up exercise which will prepare your body for a more rigorous exercises, and you should be able to jog for up to 20 minutes.

After your warm-up exercise, it's time that you perform some body stretching exercises which includes working out the chest area, including your back and thighs. Be sure that you are on the right post when you do your push-ups and perform it for up to ten times. Standing row exercises is also beneficial for your workout as it focuses on working out your back muscles, and be sure to also perform some crunches in order to build-up your abdominal muscles.

Day 2

Day 2 is considered as your rest day! Yes, you heard it right – your body needs to relax on the day following a very tiring workout routine. And while you're at rest, take time to browse the Internet and research more information about the proper way of doing body workouts for men.

Day 3

This day should be dedicated to working out your shoulders, abdomen and legs, and include some cardiovascular workouts, too. This is the time that you focus on building strong shoulders, starting with 5 pounds for each hand and try to increase it up to 10 pounds. You should be able to lift weights for a maximum of ten times in each arm.

Day 4

The same with day 2, this is also your relaxing time. So have some rest while practicing deep breathing. And while you are on a relaxed mode, be sure that you also eat healthy and you must gather more energy to fuel your body for the next day's exercise.

Day 5

This is the day that you begin to lift weights in order to build your biceps and triceps. Cardio exercises and ab workouts must also be part of this day's routine. Weight training exercises for biceps must include bicep curls, bench presses as well as dead-lifts.

Remember to be cautious when lifting weights, and make sure that you do it with the assistance of a trainer. Always take some breaks in between in order to relax your muscles. Do not attempt to lift heavy weights if you think you can not handle, or are doing it for the first time.

Days six and seven will be your rest days. Calm down by relaxing at home. Remember that the body workouts for men that you have done on the fifth day is quite hectic, so your body needs adequate rest in order to be prepared for another round of workout routine on the following week.

Source by Kevin Nolan Hill


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