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Can Hypnosis Help You to Stop Smoking?


Many people wonder if hypnosis will actually help them to stop smoking or not. The short answer is that yes it might very well help you out. Now is it possible that you could try the technique and end up not quitting? Yes of course that might be an outcome, but if you are serious about quitting, then hypnosis is a great strategy to try. There are a few reasons why this is the case.

First of all, hypnosis is dirt cheap. Some people might think a bit superficially about this at first and think that paying 50 or a hundred bucks for a hypnosis session is too much. In fact this is a complete bargain if you really think about it. How much does the smoker spend each year on smoking? You have to factor in a lot more than just the cost of each pack of cigarettes. In addition to the thousands of dollars spent there, smokers also have more sick time at work, pay more for hospital visits in the long run, and also waste almost a full month out of every year engaged in the act of smoking. So not only do they spend thousands each year in dollars on smoking, they also waste hundreds of hours spent smoking as well. Time is money.

In light of that, hypnosis is very cheap, and if you can manage to quit smoking then the cost of the session is irrelevant based on what you gain. If you are considering trying to use hypnosis in order to quit, you might as well try it out, as you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Source by Patrick Meninga


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