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Can Pre Menopause Supplements Delay The Onset Of Menopausal Symptoms?


As a woman, what’s your feeling towards ‘menopause’?

Many women are scared of it. This word is often linked to uncomfortable physical symptoms and emotional changes, including weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, irritability, loss of libido and many other health problems.

So, some women ask: what can I do to delay the menopause? Well, maybe it is best that we find out what influences the timing first.

Menopause is a natural transition of life. A post menopause woman is not productive any more. The word menopause refers to the end of menstruation – 12 months after the last period. The years leading up to menopause is called perimenopause, or pre menopause.

Although most women enter into menopause naturally, there are other factors that could trigger early menopause, such as hysterectomy and chemotherapy.

The symptoms that many women experience happen in the pre menopause period. They are caused by the fluctuating hormone levels in women’s body.

The factors that influence the timing of menopause are mainly genetic inheritance and environmental influences.

Genetic Inheritance

Genetic inheritance has a huge influence on the timing of menopause. If your mother and grandmother start to experience symptoms at around the age of 50, it is very likely that your symptoms may begin at a similar age.

A study of singleton and twin sisters revealed that a woman with a family history of early menopause has a higher risk of early menopause as well as early productive failure herself.

Heritability plays a big part in the onset of menopausal symptoms.

Environmental effects

Environmental effects include life styles, diet patterns, race and some other factors.

A heavy smoker with a long history can have their onset of menopause hastened. Women sho smoke may start pre menopause and menopause two years earlier. The reason is that smoking lowers estrogen levels.

Race is also an important factor in the timing of menopause. Menopause seems to occur at an earlier age among Latina women compared with non-Latina women.

Menopause Relief

Even though we have little control on the timing of menopause, we CAN take some actions to go through this period of transition with fewer troubles.

Attitude: ‘attitude is everything’, this adage applies to menopause as well. Women entering the menopause period need to accept that the change is happening and it’s natural. Accept that your symptoms are caused by your hormonal changes, simple as that. I know with all the annoying symptoms, all you want to do probably is to curl up in bed and cry. But if you keep a pleasant attitude towards menopause, you may find it easier to copy with.

Life style change: If you are feeling low or fatigue at this stage, this is very common. Why don’t you get up and take a little walk outside? Or learn to pamper yourself, after taking care of all your lovely ones most of the time. An extra hour will help you feel more refreshed and rejuvenated.

Pre menopause supplements: with more information on menopause available, more and more women are seeking relief in natural pre menopause supplements. With a quality supplement, women may have their symptoms reduced or even eliminated. They contain effective herbs such as Dong quai, Wild yam, Red clover and Black cohosh. These plants are very beneficial in treating the common complaints – hot flashes, fatigue, memory lapses, insomnia and other symptoms.

Such supplements work by balancing women’s hormones the natural way, and at the same time, alleviating the symptoms. Quality and effective pre menopause supplements may help you pass this natural stage without many troubles.

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