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Caring and Fun-Loving Jobs – Making a Difference in Someone's Life!


There are many jobs that can make a difference in someone's life, be it taking care of the older or showing love and care to the children. Here are some of the ways to make someone's life different and earn an income at the same time:

Home Companions

They are also known as personal attendees who are highly valued and are caregivers to the elderly, handicapped or convalescent people. They often provide good companionship to them and at the same time prepare and serve meals, keep the house tidy, take them to medical appointments and many more.

What it takes: All you need is compassion, empathy and patience to qualify for this job. Beside that, you have to be safety conscious at all times and basic first aid skill is required. Since you are apt to be doing a lot of lifting and carrying, you bought to have good amount of physical strength. A talent for organization will also come in handy.

Where the jobs are: The best way to find this kind of job is by word of mouth. Ask around for any home bound person who could use some help or inquire at places like nursing homes, senior centers, convalescent centers, or organization for the chronically ill. Another good place to find these jobs would be Help Wanted ads in the newspaper.

What this job could lead to: You could pursue a career in health care as a nurse, doctor, occupational therapist, nutritionist, physical therapist or hospital administrator.

Nurse's Aides

They perform a significant role in hospitals and nursing facilities. Besides helping nurses, they also offer cheer and warmth to patients who are either in pain, afraid or just plain bored. They are also considered members of the care-giving team, along with the nurses, doctors and physical therapists.

What it takes: To be an outstanding nurse's aide, you must have a strong desire to help others who are in need. You should be able to work well in a team, possess good communication skills, and be able to end repetitive tasks. Some other highly valued skills include patience, understanding, emotional stability, dependability and good listening skills.

Where the jobs are: These jobs are often available at hospitals, nursing homes and personal care facilities. Therefore, flip through the Yellow Pages and find them today!

What this job could lead to: This is an excellent way to see if you are suitable and would like to pursue a career in the medical field. If everything goes well, you might become a nurse, medical technician, doctor or pharmacist.

If any of the jobs above appeals to you, start looking for them today! You could just make someone different life and might even be successful in your work!

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