Carpet Bonded Foam And Their Types

If you are looking for some information regarding buying and selecting quality carpet bonded foams then feel free to read the whole article. This article is all about choosing the appropriate equipments for gymnasts. No doubt, there are different equipments that are quite necessary in gymnastic but this post is all about bonded forms. So, have a look on this post and spend some time to read the whole article and follow the instructions too if you want something exclusive for your gym. These bonded mats are not only for gymnasts but you can also use them in your home or in another indoor place where it is expected that people may walk are footed.

Why Carpet Bonded Foam?

Most of the people are always asking that why it is important to have such foams in the gym or a place equivalent to it. my answer to all of them is comfort and secure. Yes, while practicing different moves in gymnastic, a lot of players prefer to stay are footed and the floor can hurt them when they fall. In such certain cases, it is very important for the owner of the gym to use these mats. They are soft, comfy and also reduces the chance of any severe injuries.

Availability Of Carpet Bonded Foam:

These foams are easily available in the sports shops and also in carpet shops because you can also use it in house too. They are available in different sizes, colors and designs that a person sometimes feel difficult to choose the right choice which is good. The quality of these mats is also very good and they can easily serve you best for a long time duration.

Quality And Benefits Of Carpet Bonded foam:

The quality of these foams is very good and they are easily available in different materials to fulfill the needs and desires of customers corresponding the amount they have. There are also a lot of benefits as I have discussed above that these foams are soft, comfy, reduces the chances of any accident or serious injury. Moreover, it is very easy to clean these mats and they can easily bear heavy pressure. So, don’t slack behind and buy quality carpet bonded foams because it is very important for you to have such equipments in your gym that provides protection and comfort to the gymnasts.

Types Of Carpet Bonded Foams:

There are several types of bonded foams and all of them have different features and benefit. Few of them are discussed below:

Flexi Roll:

This type of is quite helpful for those places that requires a large wide area.

It is very easy to set-up these mats without wasting anytime.

They are made up of closed cell, polyethylene and crossed link stuff to keep the material linked together firmly.

AAI Foam:

This category of bonded foam is reliable, light weight and easily portable.

It is available in different sizes according to the demand of your width and area of your gym.

They are manufactured with crossed link foam that has the tendency to bear the heavy pressure easily.


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