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Celebrate With Dinner – And a Belly Dance!


Maybe it’s a birthday. Maybe it’s an anniversary. Maybe you both simply need a night out to renew, recharge and remember how you feel about each other. A dinner date is always a good choice. You can enjoy a delicious meal and spend time talking, just like when you were first together.

However, a dinner date with a bit of entertainment is even better. For an ultimate couple’s night out, look for a restaurant that features belly dancing!

Check the Greek and Middle Eastern Restaurants

Most of the restaurants that host belly dancers in the evening serve Greek or Middle Eastern-style food. For most people, authentic Mediterranean food is a treat that they can’t make at home but that’s easy to enjoy.

Greek and Middle Eastern restaurants are ideal choices for a romantic night out. Check your local restaurant websites and listings for dance events and book early. Everyone loves the combination of an elegant meal and a belly dancing show, and tables are often booked up far in advance.

Belly Dancing Adds Fun and Excitement

The style of belly dance performed in restaurants and clubs today originally evolved from the folk dance styles of the eastern Mediterranean region. These dances made a huge impact at the European and American World Fairs of the late nineteenth century. Belly dance created a sensation in straight-laced Victorian times, and it went on to become popular in music hall shows and later in films and on television all over the world.

Modern dance has continued to evolve both from and apart from its roots. The Raks Sharki style that’s popular in restaurants and clubs today is performance oriented, and it emphasises both skill and drama. The movements are hypnotic, the costumes are beautiful and the dancers will often move around the room and even interact with members of the audience.

Try Out a Few Moves Later!

It’s inspiring to watch a belly dancer move. The dance is so fluid and graceful. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ll find yourself riveted. You’ll enjoy the beautiful dancers and the bright, flowing costumes. You may want to try some of the moves later, at home. It would be fun, and who knows where it will lead?

Once you’ve experienced the thrill of a live belly dancing show, you’ll want make it a regular date. Belly dance really strikes the right balance for couples. It’s sensual but not sleazy or exploitative. It’s an exciting show that will make you both feel joyful and adventurous.

Source by Heather M Myers


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