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Chinese Spices and Herbs – Help in Controlling Diabetes Symptoms


It is not difficult to control signs of diabetes with the help of Chinese Herbs and Spices. Diabetes is a medical condition of disharmony of the body. In Chinese medicine it is termed as Thirsting and Wasting Syndrome. Diabetics generally experience signs like extreme hunger and severe thirst. The ancient experts of Chinese medicines noted these external signs; however they were unable to measure the level of sugar in the blood of the suffering persons. There are many Chinese herbs and spices that are being used for the treatment of this syndrome since years. The best effect of these herbs is now being medically proved as the best for the treatment of diabetes. The researches are still being carried out in China.

Mai Men Dong: The most promising Chinese herb for the treatment of diabetes is termed ophiopogon or mai men. Researches have revealed that this herb can stimulate the regeneration of Islets cells of pancreas. These are the cells that are primarily responsible for the insulin production. This in turn results in proper processing of sugar in the blood of the human body. Triggering the regeneration of islet cells can reverse the diabetic condition.

Tian Hua Fen: Next in the list of Chinese herbs and spices comes Tiaan Hua Fen also termed trichosanthis. It has the potential of lowering down the level of blood sugar. This is the most commonly used formula for the treatment of diabetes. Other most commonly used Chinese herbs incorporate astragalus and wild yam.

Bitter Melon: Next is the name of bitter melon which is an Asian vegetable and extensively used as herb for lowering the level of blood glucose. Bitter melon also posses some antiviral as well as antibacterial properties. It has the potential of treating HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis C.

Ming Mu Di Huang: It is a Chinese herbal formula that is used for treating the vision problems experienced by diabetics.

There are many other Chinese herbs and medicines that are extensively used for the treatment of different signs of diabetes. There are some herbs used for improving the circulation of blood and stimulates the healing process. This is beneficial for diabetics as diabetics often experience the problem of slow healing wounds and infections. This is the problem experienced by diabetics because of poor blood circulation and the damage to the circulatory system.

Some of these herbs are equally good for diabetic neuropathy. Diabetics generally experience the pain in the nerves that can be easily alleviated with the help of Chinese herbs and spices.

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