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Choice of Fruits For Diabetes


The metabolic disorder of diabetes is one disease that can be cured through natural means without resorting to the administration of medications. All we need to do in order to prevent as well as eliminate diabetes is to pay very detailed attention to our food intake, as well as forcing ourselves to go for exercise at least three times weekly. In addition, take supplements to assist in the nourishment of body cells. What I commonly observed is that most people have a very poor understanding regarding the intake of fruits. For most, the intake of any fruits is safe and permissible at any time.

However, they do not take into consideration the quantity of sugar especially glucose that are found in fruits. Some diabetics would complain that despite taking medications as well as controlling the intake of sugar and carbohydrates, their blood sugar levels are not satisfactory. At most times it turned out that their choice of fruits was wrong from the start. I have had customers who complained that their diet control, though strict, did not bring down the blood sugar levels. When I screened their foods, I found out that there were some high glycemic fruits which they regularly took without realizing the sugar contents.

So my advice is that you should refrain from taking the following fruits on a regular basis or if possible, eliminate them from your diet:

1. Watermelon which has about 70 percent glucose.

2. Banana, melon, pineapple, fresh apricot, and raisins. These fruits contain 50 to 70 percent glucose.

The following fruits which have a glucose content of less than 50 percent can be taken at any time:

1. Apple is another good fruit and as the saying goes-an apple a day keeps the doctor away- aptly applies.

2. Grapefruit: This has been found to lower the glucose level in a few days after intake and it is really good for diabetes.

3. Other fruits include plum, pea, dried and orange.

As a guide, if the fruit has a sweet taste, make sure that you only consume it moderately.

Source by Mohamad Ali


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