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Creatine Serum – Benefits of Liquid Creatine


What Exactly Is Liquid Creatine?

In short, creatine serum is liquid creatine. Instead of taking it in powder form you will ingest it in liquid form. This liquid form claims the same benefits as the powder form. It will provide extra energy to your muscles and help you gain weight, size, and strength.

How Does It Benefit Me Over The Powder Form?

There are several more benefits of taking liquid creatine over a powder form. Since it is liquid you bypass digestion so it will absorb into your body faster and more efficient. There is also no need to load it in liquid form. Unlike the powder form it does not pull water from your body so you don’t have to worry about dehydration. You also can take a lower dosage when it’s in liquid form. It’s said that one 5 ML serving of creatine serum is equal to 2,500 mg of the powered form.

Say good bye to the chalky gritty tasting powder and hello to flavorful liquid creatine. There are many flavors to choose from such as cherry, grape, orange, strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry. Many brands also contain other beneficial substances such as vitamin B12, ginseng, royal jelly, and honey.

Since creatine serum is so effective at a low dose you don’t have to worry so much about water retention and losing muscle size if you ever decide to quit taking it. Many athletes actually see a decrease in muscle size when quitting the powder form.

One brand of liquid creatine that I recommend is MMUSA’s Xtra Creatine Serum. You can get a 30 day supply online for about $25-$30.

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