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Do You Know How Your Obese Child Feels? (PART I)


I am not being dramatic or exaggerated, I was there, and I was an obese child many years ago. The time I spent in Elementary and Middle Schools are not full of fun memories, they were a nightmare. I was bullied and pushed around constantly by every skinny kid in school. I weighed one hundred pounds when I was in fourth grade, I was fat and I was sad. During all those years I never married a pair of shorts, I was ashamed to let people look at my legs. When I was forced to go to PE, I wore my sweat pants under my uniform so I could change easily in any lonely corner. In fact I did not see the inside of the locker room until I was in high school.

For nine years my life was miserable. I had no friends; I was not invited to birthday parties. I spent my Saturdays at home watching television and I did not do sports. I just sat in my room or the living room at home hoping to die and to be free of all the laughs, comments and stares that filled my everyday life. Every night after struggling into my pajamas because I could not lean down to pull them up, I would climb onto my bed completely out of breath asking God not to let me wake up. These are just samples of what my daily life was as an obese child, I am not trying to scare you and I am not saying this is the way your child feels either. I just want to paint you a picture of what could happen if you do not take action now.

I was declared a diabetic in high school. My whole world to another turn for the worst, now besides every day torture, shame and pain, I had to take pills for this, pills for that, insulin in my belly three times a day, and an extremely strict diet. I thought about the relief death would give me constantly, but I never had the energy or the courage to kill myself. Back then I was angry for my cowardice, today I thank God for it. This is when I met my angel, Dr. Ramos, a beautiful lady who saved me and showed me how to get a life. But that is meat for another barbecue so we will let it be.

What I wanted was to let all of you, especially those who have obese children how they feel. Talking about this is not easy it brings back difficult and painful times. I wanted you to know how it feels to be laughed at. How it feels to be humilated because you are fat and weak. Not to make you feel bad if you have been one of the perpetrators against me or another obese child but so that you know and will tell your kids that obesity is a disease and that none wants to be fat. So you know that we, the obese children and people of the world need your help, your support and your compassion because life is not easy for us.

Source by Cesar A Batres Mejia


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