Does Chafing Cause Bumps & Blisters?

Chafing is a condition in which the skin is irritated from abrasive contact. When an individual experiences chafing they will often have discomfort on the part of the body where it is present. Another thing that results from abrasive contact is blisters. These are areas of the skin that rise up with fluid due to irritation. While both chafing and blisters occur from rubbing contact, they aren’t caused by one another. Therefore blisters are not caused by chafing and are therefore known to be separate conditions. However they are both uncomfortable and caused by rough contact that is frequent.

When an individual experiences chafing they likely rubbed against clothing or other rough surfaces too much. As a result this caused them to experience a form of irritation that is quite unpleasant. In terms of blisters, they result in irritation that is a little more severe. An individual who experiences a blister will often feel a burning sensation, pain and also have a layer of their skin turn white and rise in the form of a circle. Therefore it is a good idea to get treatment for this condition as soon as possible. With the right treatment, people can get rid of these forms of skin irritation.

Chafing and Bumps

If your thighs are rubbing together, there is typically friction occurring with the constant rubbing. The friction has a tendency to actually become irritated. Blisters, bumps, and rashes may occur with the irritation of the skin from the friction. The answer to the question “does chafing cause bumps?” can be answered with a “yes.” It may not may not necessarily be the cause of bumps on the skin, it does have the ability to actually cause bumps if left untreated or uncared for.

Several Causes for Bumps on the Skin

Red bumps on the skin may be viewed as a mild concern or the bumps could be a very serious medical issue. It is important to be aware of some of the many causes associated with bumps on the skin. A qualified professional can detect the actual cause upon examination. The following may be included in the cause of bumps:

* warts

* STDs

* abscess

* friction and chafing

Treatment Options

If bumps on the skin are caused from chafing, there are several treatment options available. These options include:

* reduce any friction on the skin

* a medical prescription may be required

* a type of baby powder on the affected area

* petroleum jelly on bumped area

* keep the entire area clean and dry

This is only a sample of the many treatment options available for treating bumps and chafing on the skin.

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