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Does Kinesiology Work?


When seeking alternative medicine, natural cures or holistic remedies many skeptics often ask: Does kinesiology work? Even after understanding the concept and practice they still ask: Does kinesiology really work? First, be sure you understand the difference between kinesiology and applied kinesiology. From my own experience or should I say nightmare with poor health, I learned that applied kinesiology does in fact work and it works very well.

For anyone who is sick, but has no idea of what is wrong with them, I suggest finding a nutritionist or naturopath or homeopathic doctor who employs this technique. The method is highly controversial. However, when you’re sick, you want to know what’s wrong and you want to know what will heal you.

It uses manual muscle testing to diagnose health conditions and provides possible therapy options. If you are completely unaware of this system, an overview of the up and coming health practice can be found under Applied Kinesiology on the Wikipedia website. I first met my nutritionist when she spoke at an industry organization meeting I attended. Her speech on the benefits of natural health impressed me enough to take her card. During her presentation she also gave us examples of how applied kinesiology works.

With volunteers from our group, she demonstrated a few techniques used to measure/identify energy and muscle strengths. Everyone in the room was quickly paying attention as Rebecca used her knowledge and education to weaken outstretched arms and then strengthen them.

At the time, I had been suffering from worsening health and had no clue what was wrong. I had visited several different doctors only to be told my test results were fine. Within a week I contacted Rebecca and scheduled an appointment to meet with her. I was excited and at the same curious what would come of our meeting.

When I arrived her office was tranquil and friendly. I had a good feeling about being there and hoped the meeting would prove beneficial. My biggest hope was that she would be able to identify what was wrong with me.

The appointment was very relaxed. It was more of a conversation or chat with a friend than a nerve wrecking doctor’s visit. She asked questions and gathered personal information as she wrote in my file. As expected, she tested my muscles using applied kinesiology.

Before leaving Rebecca’s office that same day, she identified an overgrowth of yeast in my stomach. I’d never had a yeast infection or even a Urinary Tract Infection, so I wasn’t sure what to think. She did suggest the overgrowth was brought on by severe stress – which I had in fact suffered within the past year. Respecting her diagnosis and willing to try something more natural I accepted Rebecca’s prescribed solutions.

Within a couple months, my symptoms were reduced and I felt my health returning. In follow up visits she continued to test me for changes and improvements. She was caring, understanding and she probably saved my life. So to those who question if this method of healing works, I can confidently answer yes. It improved my quality of life and can do the same for yours.

Source by Alana C. Johnson


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