Effective, Cheap, All-Natural Home Remedies for Warts That You Can Apply Today

Warts must be addressed as soon as possible because warts may affect our appearance and thereby lessen our confidence. In addition, pain or itching can occur (especially when they are on your foot).

So, what are warts?

Warts are skin growth caused by a viral infection of the virus, specifically the human papilloma virus.

They are benign swelling of the skin, which are usually caused by a virus (human papilloma virus). Warts are common; almost everyone gets them because the wart virus can be everywhere. It is especially common in humid environments, such as a swimming pool and gymnasiums. Warts have different shapes and sizes but they usually appear as small bumps. Here are the different types of warts:

Types of warts include:

1. Ordinary warts. These can appear in different parts of the body. Such warts mostly can be found on the hands. They usually have a round shape and is colored brown or gray.

2. Flat Warts. These are more localized in the face, arms and legs. They are small and flat, hence the name. Usually created with razor shaving.

3. Foot Warts. Found on the feet and kind of resembles thick leather. They can be very painful.

4. Genital warts. These appear in and around the genital areas or between the thighs.

5. Periungual Warts. Can be found on fingernails or toes. They have an irregular surface and can sometimes resemble tree bark forming around your nails.

6. Filiform Warts. Usually these types of warts appear around the mouth and nose.

How do you remove warts naturally?

1. Lemon rind. Cut a piece of lemon skin larger than the wart you intent to treat. Put the lemon skin above warts and then seal using a bandage. Every day change the skin of the lemon, keeping the wart covered as much time as possible.

2. Basil. Put basil under warts and then also seal with a bandage so that it will not be exposed to water/moisture. Repeat this every day for about a week.

3. Carrots. Cut carrots finely and mix with olive oil, creating a homogeneous mixture. Put prepared mixture on the warts twice a day for 30 minutes. Do this for two or three weeks.

4. Eat foods that strengthen the immune system. Examples are garlic, sweet potatoes, whole grain bread, sunflower seeds and rice.

5. Use lemon juice. Squeeze lemon juice on the warts and cover with fresh onions. Do this for 30 minutes once a day over two or three weeks.

6. Coconut juice. Wet warts with coconut juice. Coconut juice contains enzymes that can possibly dissolve warts.

Remember, there are numerous home remedies that you can try for yourself.

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