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Eric Worre – The Agel Legend Review


One of the most, if not the largely thriving MLM marketers of all time Eric Worre has made more millionaires than Kellogg’s has corn flakes. Well, close enough anyhow. It does seem like if he says something it turns to gold prior to the words can even make it to your ears.

Not a flashy speaker or a flashy individual like most “personal training gurus”, the 45 year old Minnesota native’s style is straight forward and time responsive. Through that I entail, he says what he has to express and you’d better pay attention because he doesn’t have time to reiterate it. He comes across that way and as a effect, you do lean to pay attention and hang on to his every word. This has made him a great MLM trainer and consultant to millions of people.

Worre got his beginning in special development in earnest in 1994 while he co-founded TPN- The People’s Network. There he formed over 900 hours of personal development TV. Although I suspect it could have been more.

In 1998 he sold TPN and afterward doing various consultation work for a few years, which began an additional self-help type of network, that didn’t really get picked up by premium TV as part of whichever package. Having finished this as well as feeling he could in spite of everything create a variation in people’s lives, Eric truly started concentrating on MLM as a positive and empowering method to effect people’s lives.

These days Worre has aligned himself along with Agel Enterprises L.L.C, a nutrition company that says they retain the most profitable compensation plan to date. This set up is called the Quadra plan and I consider you will want to get a distributor call you to fully clarify it in detail. The details I unraveled on their official website were a little sketchy at best.

Says the site: “The founders of Agel designed their compensation plan from the ground up. They took the best elements from a variety of plans, and then added innovative new twists. The result of this combination is our Quadra-Plan, a unique approach that pushes far beyond the best plans from the past. It is, in short, the most lucrative plan ever developed.” But still the buy in for an entry level distributorship is no more than $35. The levels of performance all appear with cool things such as car allowances and partial travel refunds, comparable to countless additional plans out there. They do refer to their directs as “Diamonds, Double Diamonds” and so on, so at hand is certain Amway overshadowing.

In one latest video regarding recruiting, Mr. Worre advised to MLM marketers to “talk to two people a day, it doesn’t matter who or how you approach them either…” then goes on to say “I’m not going to tell you what to say, I’m just going to tell you to say something.” This gives him a slight less of the looks of a pitch man and more like the self-confident, good guy that he appears to be.

Still though, Worre continues to perform his motivational and inspirational speaking thing as well in some ways as an Agel guys and occasionally without. What he has to say in his webinars are continuously to the point and rock solid. He does tend to keep things very generalized, which is nice as it allows one to develop their own technique.

It is my humble desire that this short editorial assisted in your understanding of this elusive MLM leader, Eric Worre.

Source by Daniel Sigafoos


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