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Food That Increases Breast Size


The cost of breast augmentation varies depending on the physician, region, the anesthetics used, and a number of other factors. On the average cost of doing breast augmentation, the total ranges from four thousand dollar to ten thousand dollar. As with any invasive surgical operation, there are risks, including complications that can cause pain, malformation of the breast, loss of aesthesis, infection, and bleeding and hematomas. To avoid these fiscal and health costs, many women turn to diet to increase breast size. Below is the food to increase breast size.

Products which contain plant estrogens, such as phytoestrogens, are reputed to stimulate the growth of body tissue and naturally increase the size of breast by causing a woman’s body to produce prostaglandin. Serenoa repens, fenugreek, and Mexican wild yam contain the highest levels of these natural estrogens.

Serenoa repens is a berry that can be found in several forms: dried, ground and ripe. It is also available as a liquid tablet, extract, capsule, and as an infusion or a tea. Mild side effects, such as dyspepsia and breast tenderness, have been reported. It is a good food that will increase breast size.

Fenugreek is another diet for making a woman’s breast larger. Fenugreek is believed to be the world’s oldest medicinal herb. Fenugreek seeds are grinded, heated and utilized to savor curry. Ground seeds are always used to impart a maple flavor to desserts and candies. The seeds can also be used to make tea, though the tea is considered less potent than the pills, and the tea comes with a sour taste that can be difficult to stomach. Fenugreek’s leaves, that are high in iron, are used in salads. Taken internally, fenugreek is used to cure bronchitis, coughing, respiratory problems, and fistula conditions, and to increase milk supply. However, the herb has exacerbated asthma symptoms in some women and has decreased blood glucose levels in some women with diabetes.

Wild yam or Dioscorea paniculata may offer some benefits. It is considered or believed that wild yam can stimulate the ovaries to produce a balance of Lipo-Lutin and estrogen, making it a popular alternative to man-made hormones for women. Although wild yams do contain diosgenin, a precursor to Lipo-Lutin that can be used to synthesize the hormone in a laboratory, there is some uncertainty or doubt about the body’s ability to make the conversion to Lipo-Lutin naturally. Dioscorea paniculata is available in capsules, tablets, tinctures and teas. Pills and tinctures should be taken with food to decrease the risk of stomach irritation and sickness.

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