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Gain Muscle Mass Without Supplements


I’m going to get straight to the point here. You do not have to purchase expensive supplements to build muscle. You will get results just fine from eating healthy in combination with a good workout routine.

Here on the internet, you can go from one site to the next, and you will notice that each site or business, will all have their own personal reasons why their particular supplement or product is better than the next persons…

We are talking about the products that will supposedly allow you to add 20 lbs on your bench, or the products that will help you gain lean mass in a month! If this is true, then how come there aren’t more people who look fit or buff? I’m just being honest here.

If the magic came from a pill bottle, it seems to me that more people would look like the people on the advertisements that are displayed on the covers of the products being sold to everyone…

Here’s the truth, you really don’t have to buy supplements to achieve a lean, massive, or just a simple fit body. The secret is in the lifestyle of the individual. There are many variables.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are SOME supplements that have their place. The supplements that I’m referring to are the ones that make questionable claims. The ones that promise you unrealistic muscle mass, mostly bought by the inexperienced weight lifters.

Listen everyone! If you eat healthy, understand the basic rules to working out, and how the basic exercise movements can help you by doing them correctly, then you’ll steadily get results.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because at one point in time, I was a person who bought these supplements, and probably spent way more than I should have before realizing that I was wasting my money, and really not getting the results I was aiming for.

Like you, I used the internet as a tool to help me find information, when all it really did, is direct me to endless pages of sales hype.

Learn the muscle building tips and strategies, without paying for it.

Source by Chad O


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