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Healthy Choices – Weight Loss Tips For Busy Mothers


When you are confronted with alternatives that may influence your health and the lives of those around you, it is imperative to remember that there are resources which assist you in making healthy choices. For many the thought of adding weight loss with a plan into an already over busy schedule is almost too much to bear.

For many people losing weight is an on and off endeavor. There are mothers who are so busy in their schedules because of their job, family and a home to run; that they can hardly find time to think about their personal needs and health. Although they try to shed some extra pounds, it is only a temporary event followed by a steady regain of the lost weight, and often even more.

As a busy mother, you know that you probably need to increase your physical activity level if you want to shift weight but do you make the time from your schedule and when you do make time; weight loss is the last thing you might want think of. Life can just get too busy for everything.

Making healthy choices will lead you in changing your lifestyle and promoting your health as a first priority. For all busy moms, it is imperative to incorporate certain strategies into the daily routine which will not only help them to reduce weight but also safeguard their health against various ailments that are weight and nutrition related.

Exercise – One of the healthy choices for losing weight:

Primarily you will need to incorporate workouts and physical exercises in your daily routines. It not only helps in losing weight but it also keeps you active longer in your life span. Choose something which you enjoy so that it becomes a fun daily routine. Exercise increases metabolism and that greatly assists losing weight while gaining muscle mass.

Perhaps try walking with a friend, playing outdoors with kids or going to a gym. A thirty-minute session of physical exercise everyday and being consistent in your routine will reward you for your discipline with toning, weight loss and surprisingly an increase in feeling more peaceful and rejuvenated.

Stay focused on becoming healthy not thin:

Busy moms need to focus on being healthy rather than being thin. People are more successful in long-term weight loss plans if they select food that is healthier rather than thinking about foods which will adversely affect their body and mind. Do not dwell on deprivation. Look to what are your reasons for wanting to embrace health and wellness. That will drive you forward.

Avoid temptation:

Instead of buying expensive low nutrition snacks with high calories, you will find yourself changing habits to make healthy choices. Stock up your refrigerator with fresh fruits and green vegetables. By the time, it is snack time you will have a choice of healthy food to grab while on the run. You might be surprised at some choices you could make: 12 mini rice cakes, 3 T raisons, 1 small orange, 2 C blackberries, 29 pistachios and ¾ oz. cheddar cheese. There are many more. Make a game of crating variety for you and your family.

Small Changes in your lifestyle:

As a busy mother you will need to remember that losing weight slowly is the proper way to reduce excess fat from the body. Burning calories through exercise every day, eliminating certain high fat foods and high sugar treats, all of which have excess calories, will help in achieving good results. How far can you park from the door in a parking lot, will you take the stairs instead of elevator? Perhaps you can go walk during a lunch break at work or after the children are in bed. Dawn is a beautiful time to get outside and embrace the day. Or if it is cold where you live, what about starting a yoga practice from home? How creative can you get to stretch, lift, walk and bend?

Portion control:

The increasing concept of super sizing meals in restaurants and junk food stops has tempted busy moms to incorporate them into their family food habits. You need to focus on your hunger level and eat until you are not hungry rather the eating until you can barely move. Portion control helps in maintaining good health.

Try using a small plate to eat from as it tricks the mind to thinking you are eating more. Eat very slowly, doing one thing at a time. It takes the body 20 minutes to begin to get the full feeling no matter how much you eat. If you watch TV and eat or drive for example, you will tend to over eat because you are eating unconsciously. Really taste your food. It is important.

Healthy body weight is one of the keys to a fit appearance, personality and self-esteem. Shedding those extra pounds not only helps make you physically active but it also improves your lifestyle as well. However, busy moms need to know that weight loss tips need to be started slowly and steadily. Fast weight loss is almost always followed by weight gain. It takes time and commitment to truly change lifelong habits, retraining your body and mind. Are you ready to make healthy choices and change your life forever? Enjoy a life of health and wellness.

Source by Tana Ann Hamiter


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