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Despite their solitary moniker, hermit crabs are actually social beings. In fact, they are more often than not spotted living in groups when they are in the wild. It is only when they are brought in as home pets that they are isolated from their clan. What is fascinating about these exotic animals is that when they are pets they are very easy to take care of and maintain. It is because of their low maintenance that more and more pet lovers are being attracted to them and a couple added bonuses are that they are very quiet, clean and hypoallergenic.

In setting up a happy home for your hermit crab pet, it is advisable to first understand the natural habitat of the crabs. Having a good grasp of their natural environment in the wild is an important factor for every pet owner to know so they can provide their crabs with as much as natural environment as possible. Unlike the marine hermit crabs that live mostly in the water, land hermit crabs live along the lovely seashores in tropical areas where the environment is warm, humid and there is rich sand and mud for the crabs to dig and burrow. That is why is it important to at least mimic the natural habitat of the crabs when they are adopted as pets so they can be happy in your home environment.

In providing a happy environment for your hermit at home, you can make use of a glass tank along with a few inches of clean sand. Since water is essential, there must be enough fresh, de-chlorinated water inside the tank. In setting up this part, it is necessary to use a shallow dish as a water basin so that the crabs can easily climb in and it’s important that they are not too deep so that they can also climb back out. If you have a deep dish of water you also risk your crab drowning. In fact, other pet lovers use a specialized ladder for small crabs to easily get into the water. Aside from the freshwater, you may also want to put a dish of saltwater since hermit crabs love to bath in saltwater.

When the hermit crabs are in the wild, they rely so much on the moisture coming from the sea to ensure that they are hydrated and to moisten their shell. It is important to understand also that your hermit crab pet has a hard exoskeleton that does not hold moisture in like we do in our skin. There is a risk of dehydration if you are not keen in this crab’s particular need. To provide your crab with the right amount of humidity for its overall health and survival, it is necessary to spray your crabs with fresh, de-chlorinated water every day this is not only to moisten them but also to keep them active, exploring and healthy. In addition, air also plays an important role in the overall health and well being of your hermit crab pet. The air must circulate properly throughout the tank in order to prevent bacteria and fungi from growing as they can surely make your pet sick.

To make your exotic pet really feel at home, you will have to provide it with all the amenities of the crabs real home. It is best to provide your pet with plastic plants where it can play around and hide. Hermit crabs love to dig and burrow so clean is essential. Aside from this, hermit crabs also love to climb and it is mandatory to provide your exotic pet with driftwood branches or pieces of corals. However, the driftwood branch must be safely installed so as not to give the crab a chance to escape.

What is good about hermit crabs is the fact that they are excellent omnivorous scavengers. They basically eat anything they find along their path. That is why when you bring home your new hermit crab pet, food is going to be something that you don’t have to worry about too much. In fact, a lot of pet owners maintain the fact that hermit crab pets can basically eat the food that we humans eat. So what is healthy for us is also healthy for the crabs like meat and fruits and what is not good for us like candy bars and chocolates are not so good for the crabs. But unlike dogs it is okay to feed your pet crab a little chocolate once in a while. But in order to balance your pet’s diet and nutrition, you can provide your crab with commercial foods that designed for hermit crab pets. These foods are richly available in almost all pet stores.

Like many animals that we bring home, your hermit crab pet also require a certain amount of attention, care and love. Aside from providing them with their needs-like foods and water for nutrition and extra shells for protection, you can express your love for the pet by playing with him a little bit daily. By giving your pets the kind of healthy environment they need, they will live a long, healthy and happy life with you.

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