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Home Time Management – 7 Issues Faced By Many College Students


There are many issues faced by college students and home time management is definitely at the top of the list. Since we spend the majority of our time at home it would make sense that this area would create… or at least exacerbate… many of those issues.

A brief synopsis of some of these issues is provided in this article along with how managing your time better can help.

Making Time for Studying

This is perhaps the single most prevalent issue that students complain about. Let’s face it, before you decided to pursue higher education, you filled every single minute of every single day with something. Now, you have to find time to attend classes (or webinars), study, do research, and write papers.

Solution: You can circumvent this problem through planning ahead for meals, babysitting, and housework. Enlist help whenever, however, and from whomever you can.

Carving Out Time for Your Spouse

Make sure you don’t neglect this area of your life. You don’t want to make it through college but then need to support yourself because your neglect killed your marriage.

Solution: Again, planning ahead will keep this problem at bay. You may have less time than before but if you learn to use time wisely then you’ll probably find yourself enjoying each other more which is a benefit that would last the rest of your lives.

Reserving Time for Your Kids

Same thing here… these kids are not going to quit growing until you finish college and can spend more time with them. Make sure that they don’t grow and leave while you’re too wrapped up in your life to notice.

Solution: Have a “Want-to-Do” list with activities of varying amounts of time. Then, when you find yourself with even a small chunk of time look at the list and find something that you both would like to do. Bonus: You can create some serious memories in what would otherwise be wasted time.

Proper Nutrition

This is something that afflicts probably every single student at one time or another. You grab a snack bar on the way to class or stop by a fast food place.

One time when I was in graduate school my day… though well planned… just didn’t go right for some reason or another (yeah, even I have days like that) and I had to stop by a fast food place on my way to an evening class. Because I normally cook very healthy and don’t fry my foods I wasn’t used to the heaviness of the food. I wasn’t able to keep it down. Now… how nutritious did that end up being?

Solution: Again, well planned meals would (normally) be enough to keep me from that situation. This can include: leftovers, something cooked ahead on the weekend, or just a quick meal like sloppy joes or roast beef sandwiches.

Making Time for Adequate Sleep

In order to concentrate and learn best you must have adequate sleep which is… ideally… 7-8 consecutive hours per night. Now, having been a college student with several kids at home (older ones bouncing back with their young ones), I know that the ideal simply isn’t possible all the time.

Solution: Learn to love naps. My best recommendation for surviving your college years… make 20 minutes available around the time you normally have your mental “slump.”

Fear about Being Able to Handle it All

If you’ve been out of school for any amount of time before returning like I was (10 years) there will probably be a time of adjustment. Just know that the more you practice anything the better you get at it and that includes juggling.

Solution: Practice, practice, practice. Believe it or not, everything… juggling, scheduling, learning to appreciate small blocks of time, planning meals ahead of time… will all get so much easier with practice. Very soon you’ll be a pro.


Sometimes, despite our best efforts we still feel a little guilty. I’ve had to miss weddings and birthday parties because of having to study or write a paper. But, you know what? It’s OK… life goes on.

Solution: Remember that the people who matter most are who you’re doing this for. Remind them and yourself what you’re working for.

As you can see, getting your home time management under control will alleviate these 7 issues faced by many college students.

Source by Mary Segers


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