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How to Cure Cancer, Diabetes and Other Diseases


One of the greatest social problems of 21st Century is the deteriorating state of health of the people, regardless of whether we develop or developing countries, we are talking about.

Although the medical science talks about more and more miraculous medicine and breakthroughs in the medical field, the public health statistics show an increasing number of diabetic patients, cardiovascular disease or cancer, and even more at a younger age. Perhaps a completely different approach would be needed? A Hungarian doctor have significant achievements in this field, only by diet revaluation.

Dr. Gabor Lenkei has graduated from Debrecen Medical University, summa cum laude, with high distinction. Having worked as a medical researcher, also as an internist and gynecologist, he also had the opportunity to be involved in the treatment of cancer patients. This was the time when he recognized that something is lacking medical knowledge.

He got familiar with alternative medicine methods, but still felt it was not the whole picture. Then the focus turned towards nutrition, and to recognize that the missing ingredient for a healthy man lies in understanding the operation of the human body.

Current medical science begins to deal with someone, when something already went wrong, and have little to do with the real prevention. It is not concerned to understand what the well-designed body needs to maintain the smooth operation of its control and service functions.

Although everyone has experienced, not many people aware that every injury or illness is actually cured or corrected by your body, even if it sometimes comes with external help. The wounds are not healed by the doctor, the sunburned skin will automatically be restored, and, extremely, the infections are also defeated by your own immune system.
But, what do you need to provide for these service functions to perform the task?

After long years of research, Dr. Lenkei summarized the knowledge that was available from the heroic age of medicine, from the first half of last century, when predecessors such as the Hungarian Nobel Laureate, Professor Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, has discovered vitamin C.

After the evaluation of the data Dr. Gabor Lenkei recognized that to the vital functions of our body, significant amount of vitamins and minerals needed. Since these quantities are well above the normally recommended amounts, but the evidence was clear that it is needed, Dr. Lenkei has started an investigation, why this information is left out from the modern medical training. This investigation led to financial groups and pharmaceutical giants, which interests dictated that people should not be cured, but rather condemned to "permanent" medicine consumption.

Finally, the results were summarized in his book "Censored Health – On the Assembly Line of the Disease industry", which reveals the true source of health, repressive financial interests, as well as simple, easy-to-follow nutrition proposals, which helps maintain long-term health and recovery from diseases substantially supported. The book is unique, over 200,000 copies were sold, and the more than 100,000 testimonials received prove that the method described in the book works, because significant-often "miracle" – improvements in health were reported.

This significant result echoed beyond the borders of Hungary, so now the book is available in English beside many other languages. Thanks to the Dr Lenkei the book Censored Health is also available in Australia from October 2010.

Source by Roland Csereklyei


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