How to Deal With Maine Coons Health

Maine coons are one among the man’s most friendly cats and they are at high risk of deaths in recent times due to various health problems. The Maine coons are the most renowned domestic cat breeds which are marked as the most intelligent and friendly cat’s breeds. The breed produced in New England is not only intelligent but also taller ones in the entire USA.

Besides being one of the most prominent breeds of the present times, these cats are prone to many health problems out of which few are genetically inherited while few others are due to the absence of proper care. Few reasons for the tragic death of Maine coons are manmade too as the number of medical experiments on animals is increasing day by day. Maine Coons are one such breed which is prone to such experimentation process across the world.

Understanding the reasons for the sudden tragic death of Maine coons and taking good care of them lies entirely in your hands if you own one. Keeping aside the man-made causes of death; the main reason for their sudden demise is their health problems. They suffer from numerous genetic disorders for which no cure is available.

Many Maine coons die during the process of medication due to genetic disorders as no proper medication or curing methodology is available with us. The only solution to such cats which are suffering from a genetic disorder is to find them out at the earliest stage and give them medication at least to improve their life expectancy.

The most common genetic disorder that has already caused the sudden demise of many is the Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. This disorder can be detected at the earliest age but the cure is not available as of now. It is an infection that disrupts the living style of the cats and has a strong hereditary history. It causes improper growth of muscles of the heart which leads to many cardiovascular dysfunctions.

Sudden deaths of these cats occur due to the inability of the human eye to identify any abnormality in many cases. However, if we pay little attention, we can identify the disorders like slow breathing, blood clusters in legs and so on. Apart from Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, there are many other reasons such as spinal Muscular Atrophy, Hip Dysplasia, polycystic kidney diseases and so on.

As the majority of diseases with which the Maine coons are suffering are due to genetic disorders, there is no cure available if cats do not give any symptoms at the early stage.

However, if the Maine coons hint any symptoms at the early stage and if we could identify them, we can extend the life of cats by changing their eating routine and by providing hormone and pharmaceutical treatments.

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