How To Find Your First Paying Clients As A New Freelance Writer

You are a brand new freelance writer.

You’ve started your business professionally with business cards, registered your name, maybe even bought a domain name that you will use to build your website.

The problem is, you’re probably wondering where those first clients are going to come from.

Not only the first clients, the first paying clients.

So how do you as a beginning freelance writer, actually find clients who are willing to pay you for your services?

Well in this article, you will learn two strategies that you can use to find your first paid clients in the shortest amount of time possible.

Strategy #1: Send Out A Letter Of Introduction

In this strategy, you are going to type out a simple one page letter, introducing your new company and the services that you offer.

It is a good idea to start locally with this letter because many of your prospects could possibly be found right in your own backyard.

At this point, you should know who you plan to target because one of the first steps in starting any business venture is deciding who you will serve.

Now you will make a list of those people. Think about where they work, who they serve, and how your service will be of benefit to them.

This letter of introduction should include your contact information, a business card attached and make some offer to get the prospect to contact you, like maybe offer them a discount off of their first job with you or something of that nature.

You are going to want to keep track of who you send the letter to so that you can follow-up in a few days.

You should follow-up with a phone call to ensure that the letter was received and if you can set up a time to come in and talk to the person whom the letter was addressed to.

If you have an email address, you can also follow-up with the person via email to set up an appointment.

Strategy #2: Connect With Prospects Via Social Media

You would be surprised at how many of your friends in your social media channels many know of someone who could use your services as a freelance writer.

Depending on the types of services you plan to offer, simply striking up a conversation could actually result in a paid writing opportunity.

A sweet spot to find clients online is Facebook.

Many small business owners need someone to blog for them, or, perform what some may call content management.

A blog, if used properly, can help your clients promote their services without sounding like a sales pitch by educating their audience about what it is that they offer.

Because maintaining a blog requires frequency to be effective, you could be the person to offer this service. So, you can use Facebook as a tool to locate potential clients.

Once you have found prospective clients, the next step would be for you to reach out to them via messenger.

You would introduce yourself and your services to them, and invite them to connect with you if they would like to know more about what you do. This way, you don’t come across as a spammer and you can learn what your prospects needs may be.

There you have it.

Two strategies that you can use immediately to start to generate leads and clients for your new freelance writing business.

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