How to Get on TV at the Game, And Be the Stars of the Tailgating Lots

If you want to get on TV, you’re going to have to stand out. And we have devised a fool-proof way to make this a reality.

Inspired by SNL’s skit Jingleheimer Junction, you can create the ultimate effect with your tailgating group, provided you all sit relatively near each other during the game.

1. How many people are in your group? This is the maximum number of letters in your phrase.

Luckily, everybody can wear two letters, one on their front and one on their back. So that can help to maximize your total potential phrase combinations.

2. Identify your Must-Have Phrases. Maybe you have 9 people in your group, and you ABSOLUTELY have to spell “ROCK CHALK” and “GO KANSAS U.” That’s a great starting point.

3. Identify anagrams to expand. The best tool I’ve found is on Type in “ROCK CHALK GO KANSAS U,” and let this site do the rest. It will provide all kinds of ideas for additional phrases that you might be able to spell. Like “ALOHA ASS” and “GO U COCK.” So much fun.

4. Assign letters to each person. This is where things get tricky. OK. Based on the phrases you have selected, you’ll need to assign front & back letters to each person in your group. The tricky part is ensuring that one person doesn’t have two critical letters on them for a certain phrase.

The best way to do this is to have post-it notes that each represent a person, with one letter on the front and one on the back. Start by having the fronts spell your first must-have phrase: “ROCK CHALK.” Assign each post-it an alphanumeric code for each side. For example, “1F = Post-it Note #1, Front” and “1B = Post-it Note #1, Back.”

Next, spell out your second must-have phrase “GO KANSAS U.” Well luckily, you already have some of the letters. so you only need “G, N, S, A, S” to complete the second phrase. Write these on the backs of the post-its, and assign the appropriate alpha-numeric.

Now try to spell the first anagram. If you can’t do it with the letters you have, you may need to write on the backs again. Complete this until you’re out of possible combinations.

5. Create a phrase key. This will come in handy when trying to get people to stand in the right order. Know that in order to spell “GO KANSAS U” that you need people to stand in order “1B 2F 4F 3F 5B 6B 8B 9B”

6. Create your shirts. The easiest way to do this is to have everybody wear a solid color shirt that matches your team colors. Most people won’t have this, so just have them turn a team shirt inside-out, and that should do the trick. Purchase duct tape that is also in a team color. You’ll spell the letters with the duct tape. Assign each person in your group a Post-it Note Number. Let them know which letter is on their F (front) and which is on their B (back).

7. Spell away! You need a team captain to be in charge of the Phrase Key. Trust me, people will not figure out the order of spelling themselves. The Phrase Key is mission critical.

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