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How to Lose Unwanted Belly Fat


Let me show you how to lose unwanted belly fat. By following just a few rules you can turn your fat belly in a flat stomach. Make no mistake here the rules are simple but you need to follow them in order to see results.

First of all you are going to eat your food as natural as possible. Food that comes from the ground or from trees is all right to eat. Food that is processed in factories should be avoided at all costs. You will never lose unwanted belly fat if you eat ice cream or donuts.

Second it is a must that you eat at least five or six healthy meals per day. Each meal must contain all macronutrients. If you think that you can lose unwanted stomach with fat with the three traditional meals per day then you are wrong. Keep in mind that each meal should exist of fiber, proteins, healthy fat and calories

Ban processed fruit juice it is not as healthy as you may think. In fact do not drink to much natural fruit juice as well. Eat only whole fruit in moderation. Your belly fat will not go away with drinking energy drinks as well. In fact energy drinks do make you only fatter.

It is a common myth that you need to do specific ab exercises in order to lose stubborn stomach fat. The opposite is truth specific abdominal exercises are in fact a waste of your valuable time. Instead concentrate on doing whole body workouts where there is a great after burn effect.

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