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How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction Naturally?


The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is a lengthy process which can be done by a qualified physician or urologist. It is not like simply buying some PDE5 class drugs by self or from a pharmacist.

Surveys shows, 23 out of every thousand men are visiting physician complaining some sort of erectile dysfunction. But actual number of men suffering from such conditions will definitely be much more, because not all men are seeking physician’s consultation.

Erectile dysfunction which was earlier known as impotency, is the inability to attain and maintain erection sufficient for successful sexual intercourse. Let us look in to a brief understanding of the mechanism of erection. The brain send signals through central and local nervous system to the genital area when sensory or mental stimulation occurred. On getting the signals, the muscles of corpora cavernosa to relax and expand. So more blood flows and fill the entire chamber making the penis to expand. Because of the erection, the tunica albuginea constricts and trap the blood inside corpora cavernosa thus by maintaining erection.

So the erection process involves many events in many pathways like nerve impulses in the brain, spinal column, nerve pathways, fibrous tissues and muscles in penile area, arteries, veins around sexual organs etc. So the causes of erectile dysfunction cannot be easily diagnosed to a particular condition. Some common physical causes are damages to nerves, veins and arteries, fibrous tissues, smooth muscles or any one of the above.

Similarly psychological conditions like stress, anxiety and depression may also lead to erectile dysfunction. In some cases the drugs prescribed for hypertension, diabetes, depression may induce ED and decrease in libido. So only a learned physician can diagnose the exact reason for the erectile dysfunction after conducting physical examination, laboratory tests etc.

Depending on the causes of the ED, the treatment is prescribed. It may be reducing the doses or replacement of particular drug like beta blockers like propronolol. If any physical conditions like cardiovascular disease or circulatory problems are the reasons, it can be treated accordingly.

Apart from physicians treatment, life style changes plays important role in helping the treatment. They include refrain from smoking, alcohol, reducing stress in either work place or home, regular exercising or brisk walking for about 45 minutes a day, cutting down food on high fat content are some important steps to follow along with the treatment regime. Your physician will definitely advise about this. Aerobic exercise is very important as it increases the cardiac output and keeps the heart strong and safe for ever.

It was found that in many situations, only life style changes are just sufficient to combat erectile dysfunction, unless the causes are severe physical damage to either nervous system or cardiovascular system.

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