If you could only use one brand for eyeshadow, which could you commit to?

Temptalia Asks You

Pat McGrath, though I think I might yearn for some core shades as the range is presently setup across palettes, so there are a ton of gaps within what they have. I just gravitate toward shimmers and intense pigmentation, and PMG’s palettes have been what I’ve wanted to reuse most. The other consideration would be Viseart, as they have a pretty diverse range (though not quite as diverse in the permanent range–a lot of the shimmery, colorful shades are in limited edition palettes), but they have a really reliable, easy to use formula. I think if I wanted to say more matte/neutral, Viseart would trump PMG. ColourPop was on my mind briefly, but they discontinue shades so quickly that who knows what there might be to choose from at a given point in time!

— Christine

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