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Importance of Proper Muscle Gain Diet


Exercise alone won’t get you big. As good as it is in helping you to build muscle and lose fat, it’s not enough alone to get you the body you want. To get to where you want to go you need a proper muscle building diet. It’s the perfect complement for your weight training program and helps you to achieve results much faster.

One of the mistakes newbies make is that they don’t understand how important proper eating really is. Here are a few simple tips to help you to avoid this mistake.

Forget 3 Meals a Day

If you want to get unconventional results you have to forget conventional wisdom. So ditch that “3 square meals a day” advice and go double. You need to feed your muscle with nutrition and energy throughout the day. The ideal solution is to eat 5 to 7 smallish meals per day. These meals aren’t as big as your normal meals would be, but you are eating more of them.

Also be mindful of the kind of food you eat. A proper muscle building diet consists of lots of protein, carbohydrates and some fat.

Get Those Calories In

The biggest sin in muscle building is eating fewer calories than you need. You aren’t looking to diet. You are looking to get big. To do that you need eat more calories than your body burns.

Again you need to pay attention to the kinds of foods you eat. No point in gorging in junk food. That just makes you fat. You need to give your body the vitamins and nutrients it requires to build muscle. That means eating healthy, natural foods and avoiding snacks and junk food. Great body, unfortunately, requires sacrifices.

Eat More Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are one of the misunderstood foods in bodybuilding. They give your body quick energy you need during workout. They are also the preferred fuel for many organs in the body.

There are both good and bad carbs. Ideally you should focus on complex carbohydrates that burn slowly. Avoid simple carbs such as sugars, white rice, refined grains and so on.

Load on Protein

Every bodybuilder understands the need for protein. It’s considered as the foundation for muscle gain and great physique. Your body uses protein to repair damaged muscle and to build new muscle tissue.

Try to have some protein rich foods in every one of your 5 to 7 meals per day. Good sources include animal foods, fish, beans, dairy, eggs and meats.

Remember the Good Fats

Fats play an important role in the body. They act as insulators and provide functioning for every cell in the body. Saturated fats have an undeservedly bad rap. Saturated fats are a good source of slow-burning energy, when eaten in moderation.

Unsaturated fats, and especially omega 3 fatty acids, are essential for health and good muscle gain. Good sources include fish and seafood, flax seeds and flax seed oil, hemp seed oil, walnuts and so on.

Exercise is important in building muscle. In fact it’s more than important. It’s essential. However don’t make the mistake of thinking weight training alone is going to get you big. To get big you also need to eat big. And eat big in the right way. When you combine heavy training with eating big you can expect to get the body you deserve.

Source by Seppo Puusa


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