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Jock Itch – Symptoms Causes and Treatment


Tinea cruis, commonly known as jock itch [caused by a fungus called Trichophyton rubrum] is very unpleasantly in that it is extremely uncomfortable and quite embarrassing. Although the condition is not serious, it is important to get treatment for it as soon as possible, this and good personal hygiene will cure the problem and prevent the rash from spreading to other areas. Occurring mainly in men this fungus loves to live [infect] the moist and warm areas of the body eg groin, inner thighs and buttocks [not forgetting the skin on the genitals].


* Mild itch, which gets progressively worse
* Rough bumpy appearance of the skin in the area
* Area feels very dry
* Ring-shaped rash
* Redness
* peeling or cracking of the groin skin
* burning or chaffing sensation
* Pus may occur if left untreated


Most common fungal infections are caused by the group of fungus called dermatophytes, these are present in the environment and on the skin at all times. They are perfectly harmless in normal circumstances [as long as our personal hygiene is up to standard]. Remember though that getting the infection does not mean you are unhygienic as there are other factors that can cause you to be infected:

1) Tight underwear – athletic supporters are generally worn for a long period of time [as long as the game lasts] and this can increase the risk of getting infected due to the warmth and dampness of the area.

2) Synthetic clothing – worn for a period of time this type of material does not allow the damp areas to 'breathe' and increases the risk of infection.

3) Wearing the same underwear for extended periods without washing

4) Overweight people tend to be more susceptible to the infection

5) A person who tends to sweat heavily will also be sentenced to catching fungal infections

6) Weakened immune systems – diabetes, aids etc.

7) Hereditary skin disorders like atopic dermatitis

8) Sharing infected towels or clothing

9) Bad personal hygiene

10) Sex with an infected person


Get yourself some over the counter treatments as soon as you suspect Jock itch, do not avoid treating the problem as it could become more serious due to secondary infections [continuous scratching can lead to skin lesions, sores or ulcers]

* Anti-fungal cream – can be bought over the counter
* Anti-fungal powders or spray – purchased over the counter
* Anti-dandruff shampoo – applied as a cream will also assist in curing the problem
* Tea tree oil – this has anti-fungal properties and will assist in curing the rash [though it is oil and you are trying to keep the area dry]
* Personal hygiene – increase you hygiene [even more than usual] during this time
* Never wear the same piece of clothing twice [make sure it's washed before using it again]
* Keep all the warm damp areas of the body as dry as possible [anti-fungal powder] during the infection
* Use a towel once and drop it into the wash
* Wear loose cotton clothing

It is important to remember that while you are infected that everything you use will have the fungus on it and you need to wash the items before using them again, this will prevent re-infection and help with the curing process.


* Garlic has anti-fungal properties, increase your intake as much as you can.
* Try avoiding foods containing yeast
* Avoid refined, processed, greasy or fried foods and sugars
* Avoid alcohol

A healthy well balanced diet is always important; Ensure that you eat properly at all times even if you are healthy with no infections or problems whatever.

After following the infection for a few days and no improvement is noted, please consult your doctor, as the infection may be an under symptom of something more serious.

Source by Candice McInnes


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