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Keanu Reeves Exercise Routine – Build a Flexible Body in Just 7 Weeks!


Keanu Reeves is a handsome, tall and very well toned. His slick look in the Matrix movies is simply stunning. His flexibility and apparent ease in acting and the action sequences is just mind blowing. Men all over envy him and women just love him. To get a classy and sleek look like his, you need to follow a balanced diet. Working out and getting enough rest is also essential for building an impressive appearance. 

Diet plan

Consuming a low fat and high protein diet will help you maintain your fitness levels. Eating lots of pasta, chicken, vegetables and rice is advisable to gain muscle mass. Vegetables and fruits which are high in fiber have anti-oxidants that help you to lose fat. You must also consumer protein supplements between diets. There are many supplements like whey, casein and creatine that you can take to attain a well sculpted body like Keanu Reeves.

Exercise Regime

The ideal way to start your workout would be to combine cardio, weight training and body weight exercises. Performing light cardio exercises like jogging on the treadmill for about 10 minutes will help you warm up and boost metabolism. Then you can make your muscles more flexible by doing stretching or some body weight exercises like pull ups, side bends and push ups, etc. You must perform weight training exercises like barbell squats, dumbbell flyes, bench press, etc in sets. Resting between sets is essential.

To be able to perform these workouts, you will require a lot of strength and endurance which you can obtain by taking Nitric Oxide. It reduces recovery time and cures your injuries and joint pains easily. Nitric Oxide also helps to pump muscles by supplying water and oxygen to muscles. It also strengthens the immune system and prevents various cardio vascular disorders. It encourages fat loss and also slows down the process of aging.

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