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Know the Facts About Zeaxanthin Side Effects


There are no known Zeaxanthin side effects. The only possible minor side effect should be the headache. This is as per the findings of National Institute of Health Clinical Centre. However there are many health benefits this nutrition offer.

Zeaxanthin is a pigment naturally deposited in the centre of the macula of our eyes. This organ has to be protected from the sun rays and precisely for this reason this pigment is placed there. Our body cannot synthesis this. The only alternative to improve this nutrition is from external sources.

Vegetables like spinach, broccoli, lettuce, tomato, marigold, carrot etc., have Zeaxanthin.

The ideal dosage should be 10 to 12 mg per day. It is a great antioxidant. When we become older, the cells in our body become weak and do not have the capacity to carry this pigment. The quantum of this pigment gets depleted resulting in age related macula degeneration.

Considering the fact that there are no Zeaxanthin side effects, one can take natural nutrition supplement that has Zeaxanthin in it. In fact one should take both lutein and Zeaxanthin together which are complimentary to each other.

I will recommend for balanced nutrition intake rather than only these two. Go for Total Balance. This is a fantastic natural nutrition supplement that has both Zeaxanthin and lutein in addition to other 70 natural herbs and salts. This comes in an enteric coated format thus ensuring the nutrition reaches pancreas. You will only get synergy out of the nutrition from this holistic approach and you will have no anxiety about Zeaxanthin side effects. Visit my website and I am sure you will be delighted to get more information on your eye vision.

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