Leotards for Girls: Types and Choosing Tips

If your daughter is a prospective ballerina or simply enjoys dancing, she definitely needs an appropriate outfit in which she will feel confident and safe and at the same time have an ability to express herself without a fear of obstructed moves. From the first glance, selecting a dancing apparel is rather a simple task. However, taking into account the wide range of leotards for girls available online and in retail shops, choosing apparel can be a bit confusing and tricky. Below we are going to differentiate the most popular types of leos.

Workout, Competition and Unitard Leos

Depending on the purpose of gymnast’s apparel there exist workout and competition outfits. Although their names speak for themselves, we would like to describe these and focus on major differences.

The practice (or workout) apparel is the most common kind of leo athletes can wear. The typical working outfit for a gymnast looks like one-piece swimsuit with wide straps over the shoulders and high or low tailoring of the bottom part. These are usually made of simple stretchy monochromatic fabrics (Lycra is very popular). The design may include simple patterns or stripes. The purpose of the workout sportswear is to ensure maximum comfort and safety for the best gymnast’s accomplishments.

On the other hand, there are competition leotards for girls that emphasize the beauty of a well developed body, underline the spirit of the performance and, of course, serve as safe and reliable sportswear. Competition outfits have a bright design and more eye catching sparkling embellishments.

However, too much of reflected light can distract and even annoy, thus the athletes must be attentive to their wear, it should not be overwhelming with rhinestones and crystals. Usually, there are certain requirements for championships of different levels regulating the sportswear selection. The bottom cut should be lower than the pelvic zone, the midriffs and spaghetti straps are forbidden, the underwear must not be seen (including sports bra). These sensible rules make the performance better and help concentrate on the dance more than on the uniform problems.

A Unitard

There also exist an unusual type of gymnastic apparel which is called a unitard. It differs from the classic leo as it has long legs and sleeves. Unitard is body length garment (it extends to wrists and ankles) which creates and effect of the second skin: it adheres closely and resembles a diving costume.

In simple terms, it looks like a combination of a long sleeved leo and tights. Unitards are very functional and practical, since they do not impede flexibility (especially the seamless ones). This particular feature has made them popular not only with gymnasts, but also with acrobats, circus performers, dancers and other athletes. These may also have different styles and designs and be custom made for each gymnast.

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