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Main Causes of Gaining Weight


There are many causes of weight gain in early stages of life and you have to eliminate them to maintain your body weight. These factors result in gaining body weight and make you obsessed in the young age and spoil your personality with pass of time. Just look at these factors:


In recent years, research and development and the study of genetics has helped to gradually identify the genes involved in lipid metabolism and weight gain. We know that there are genes that influence appetite, secretion of enzymes needed to burn fat and slow storage.

If your father or mother has extra body weight then the risk for child is increased and is estimated to grow to 40%. If both parents have weight above their normal weigh then the risk is 80%. However whatever the situation we cannot change their genetic inheritance.

Bad eating habits:

These bad habits develop in childhood. A child born in a family where more fats are used in the diet and child is given too much food to eat for being a healthy then this may lead to formation of extra body fat and your child will become fat. Even if he doesn’t gain weight but he adopts some bad habits that is not good for his/her body.


There are some other habits that can increase your body weight. These are less body movement, no exercise, no sports; no walking, staying all the time in front of television and eating too much can lead to excessive weight gain.


Pregnancy is a period of transformation of pre-adipocytes into adipocytes. Hence the weight accumulates with each stage of pregnancy.

Hormonal cycle:

The hormonal cycle often changes appetite. There may be less hungry during the rules and the days preceding ovulation, to be a victim of cravings during the second half of the cycle.

Estrogens, whose secretion is higher during the first half of the cycle, rather decrease appetite while progesterone (whose production predominates during the second half) increases. The alternation between the secretions of these two types of hormones is the essence of the hormonal cycle. One kilogram taken in the last two weeks usually disappears without effort over the next two weeks.

Estrogens facilitate the storage of fat in the adipocytes of the thighs and hips. If the secretion is a bit too large then it increases the weight.


A large majority of women on hormonal contraception do not weight while others grow larger.

The pill, which makes hormones in the form of medication alter hormonal balance naturally. This varies from woman to woman on individual basis.

If the sensation of hunger is increasing, then you eat more and the weight might increase. But it is more difficult to find a small slowdown physical insidious. We note that we take kilos although food is not altered. Weight gain may also occur after the insertion of an IUD that does not change anything yet in hormonal balance. Then it is a psychological conflict, contraception is unconsciously experienced as a castration.

Source by M Nouman Umar


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