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Nourish Your Looks From the Inside Out



Your skin is your body's largest organ, and it weighs 7-9lbs. If stretched out, it would cover twenty square feet! Just like hair and nails, skin renews itself and grows every day. If you want your garden to grow strong and beautiful, you add water and fertilizer, right? Well, if you want healthy and beautiful skin, hair and nails, you must give them the nutrients they crave.

Vitamin A: Prevents wrinkles and proteins dewy skin and strong nails Food Sources: Dark green or dark orange fruit and vegetables

Vitamin C: Provides a healthy framework for beautiful skin and hair Food Sources: Citrus fruit, tomatoes, peppers, and broccoli

B Vitamins: Decrease inflation Food Sources: Whole grains, pork, turkey, peanuts, seeds, chicken

Zinc: Essential for skin, hair, and nail growth and repair Food Sources: Poultry, seafood (especially oysters), liver, and legumes

Selenium: Helps prevent damage from the sun Food Sources: White-meat chicken, brown rice, eggs, and whole grains

Vitamin D: Protects against sun damage Food Sources: Milk, many types of yogurt

Iron: Promotes healthy hair growth and strong nails Food Sources: lean sirloin, dark meat poultry, lean roast pork, fortified breakfast cereals

Beauty needs to be nourished from within, so incorporated more of the foods listed above into your daily diet. Walnuts, salmon, green-leafy veggies, and berries are true winners for your beauty regime. Over time, you will reap the wonderful benefits of your labor, and enjoy the beautiful hair, skin and nails that you've created- the natural way.

Source by Christine Thomson


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