Massage Comb Beauty And Body Care Health Monitors Vibrating Hair Brush Comb Head Electric Scalp Massager Massaging Brush


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Massaging Brush.Beauty And Face Body Care Health Monitors Vibrating Hair Brush Comb Head Electric Scalp Massager Massage Black

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product details
Product Name: The therapy plus body and scalp massaging brush
Products dimension; 20*4*2CM
Operate on 2 AA baterries, not supplied.
Health massage comb, two kinds of AC and DC power can, dual massage strength, natural rubber pad and the soft nylon tip type steel wool. Back massage beads for hemispherical head, face, joints, acupoint … … High impact the comb body and massage ball makes effect to tremor premium.
DC battery two-purpose, external power supply 3V
1, increase the blood circulation, help the new supersedes the old.
2 health massage back for body acupuncture points massage, eliminate neck and shoulder muscle fatigue and tension.
3 dry wet hair can be used, and can reduce broken hair.
4 day in two minutes, accelerate blood circulation, so that the hair follicles absorb more oxygen and nutrition!
You will feel the difference the first time you use the Vibrating Hair Brush! Hair stylist and dermatologists agree with healthy hair, massage your scalp daily.

The unique, vibrasonic action of the Hair Massager makes your scalp tingle with increased circulation so hair stay its health
Natural rubber pad and gentle nylo9n tipped bristles of the Comb Massager
Two selections of massaging intensity
Massager design for use easily and conveniently with two pcs of batteries (not included)
Increased blood circulation helps remove toxins and micropollutants from the hair cell matrix
Great styling brush and detangler, can be used on wet or dry hair, adds volume to your hair ad reduces hair breakages
Use the back as a massager for the rest of the body, relaxes sore and tense neck and shoulders relieving stress, invigorates the scalp!
1xVibrating Hair Brush Comb Massager Massage Black