Pros And Cons Of Walk In Tubs And Showers

Oftentimes, traditional bathtubs are dangerous and risky for seniors or individuals with mobility issues to use. In fact, there are many mishaps that can happen when entering and exiting a bathtub. Of course, you would not want your loved one to suffer from any injury when he or she wants to be independent in the bathroom. Good thing there are walk in tubs and showers these days.

What Are Walk In Tubs?

These are bathtubs with a door that will open and close on the front or side of the tub. The door will provide users with the ability to enter the tub without the need to lift their legs over the threshold. And with the water sealing feature of this, the water is sure to stay in the tub and will not flood the floor. Moreover, it has fast draining capabilities so that the user will not sit in the tub for a long time for it to drain.

Remember though that these tubs will require professional installation. It will include plenty of great features like handrails, adjustable shower heads, adjustable bubble jets, and inside-the-tub seating. But in case you cannot hire a professional to its installation, know that you can opt for a portable model wherein you will just need to hook it up to an existing faucet.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of These Tubs

The most obvious advantage of these tubs is that it will make bathing a lot easier, safer and more comfortable for persons with mobility issues. Also, they are designed to prevent falling and slipping. Seats, handrails and textured pads will help users keep their heads above water. They also remove the need for a shower door that usually poses dangers to older people. Another excellent benefit for installing these tubs is that the value of your property will increase.

But similar to other home furnishings, these tubs also have some disadvantages. First, you need to enter the tub and close the door prior to turning on the water. While the tub fills, the user might become impatient. Also, you might have a difficulty in getting the right water temperature.

Another factor to consider is waiting for the tub to drain before exiting. Although several manufacturers have already addressed such issue with fast-filling faucets, temperature controls and fast-moving drains, these features might also add to the overall cost of the tub. And since the tub are usually huge, some individuals might need new, powerful water heaters for them to use the tub properly.

However, experts highly emphasized that the cost of the tub is not as important as ensuring the safety of the user. In other words, the pros outweighs the cons of using walk in tubs nowadays.

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