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Protein Shakes – How to Make It Taste Better


Protein is actually the building block for our muscles. It allows our bodies to repair and revitalize. This will make it an essential thing for anyone wanting to build muscle. Protein can also be satiating. Therefore, if someone increases his protein consumption, he or she is more likely to consume less food and shed fat. Protein shake is one approach to enhance lean protein consumption, build muscle and also shed weight. On the other hand, they do not usually taste good. Thankfully, you can enhance the taste of protein shakes.

If you are looking for the best tips on how to make your protein shake more delicious, then this article is right for you. Basically, in this article, there are only 5 easy steps on how to do it. Follow each step very carefully and enjoy making your tasty protein shake!

Things that you will need:

  • Sugar-free, fat-free pudding mix
  • Frozen fruit
  • Milk or juice
  • Peanut butter Extracts or spices

Step 1

Mix one tablespoon of sugar-free, fat-free pudding mix into your protein shake. Try out several pudding and shake flavor mixtures.

Step 2

Put frozen fruit as an ice cubes substitute when mixing the shake. Buy packs of frozen fruit from your supermarket or even produce your own through cleaning and freezing fruits like berries, cherries and grapes.

Step 3

Change water utilized to make your shake with low-fat or fat-free milk or frozen or fresh fruit juice.

Step 4

Blend in a tablespoon of pure peanut butter. This will not only make your shake taste good, but will also add much more protein to your shake. Do it along with vanilla or chocolate flavored shakes.

Step 5

Put spices and extracts to your shake, like vanilla, almond or peppermint extracts or spices like nutmeg or cinnamon.

Additional Tips:

Putting ice or ensuring the water utilized to make the shake is quite cold can help your shake even better. Only use 100% natural ingredients whenever you can when adding or making to a shake.

Mentioned here are just examples of the simplest ways on how to make your protein shake scrumptious. You will find different techniques on how to make your own own recipes as you go on making your shake. For more information and tips on how to make you own protein shake, or how to make it more delicious, you can visit many reliable websites on the internet.

Source by Manuel Zerna


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