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Quit Smoking – Hypnotherapy Can Help You Stop Minus The Withdrawal


Quit Smoking Hypnosis regimens confront behavior in a way that other quit-smoking measures do not. Some quit smoking drugs might help the subject withstand the withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping the nicotine dosage, more easily than quitting through the cold-turkey way. But if you really to find the most effective quit smoking program, then the answer is hypnotherapy.

One of the reasons why most quit-smoking regimens don’t work is that they don’t really address and confront the rituals that smokers do when they light up that cigarette. Smokers will know what I am referring to. But when you slap a nicotine patch on your hip or arm, it is true that the urges are alleviated. However, when you are sitting at your favorite bar, or smelling somebody else’s cigarette smoke, or after eating a heavy meal, the urge to smoke comes on. This is where hypnotherapy comes in.

Through hypnotherapy, you can re-learn about becoming a non-smoker. After all, didn’t you use to be a non-smoker before? Sure! The popular solution to quit smoking these days are nicotine patches or nasal sprays. They are meant to wean you from your smoking habit. Gradually, the urge to smoke lessens over a period of time until the day comes when you don’t want to smoke at all. But for people who are getting sick from smoking they don’t have the time to spare.

Under hypnotherapy, your smoking habits are replaced by new habits spurred by healthier thoughts and ideas. Some people fear gaining weight when they stop, so they choose what they perceive to be an easier choice. Stay thin but smoke. Hypnotherapy is effective for both people who want to quit and for those who are afraid to gain weight. The hypnotherapist merely talks to the subject’s conscious mind and re-programs these negative thoughts, and transforms them into something more positive like living a healthier lifestyle.

Many patients who desperately need to stop smoking are more successful in this through the use of hypnotherapy compared to other cessation solutions. Based on a new study, smoking patients who want to quit and have participated in a hypnotherapy session were more likely to have quit within six months, compared to patients who use patches or those who cease smoking cold turkey.

At Hypnotherapy Melbourne, patients are guided by expert hypnotherapists through quit smoking hypnosis that will help them stop smoking for good.

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