Reaping the Benefits of Facials

Many may think that having a facial is just a pampering experience and one that only those with money and time to spare can afford. This is not necessarily true, as facials have proven to give you a lot of positives aside from the pampering aspect. It is true that we need to give ourselves a treat now and again, and a facial is a great way to feel good about ourselves but they come with a few other health benefits as well.

The first thing about a facial is that it will incorporate massage into the mix. We know that massages are great for the body as they increase blood flow and circulation and they also help to relieve stress. Think of a facial as a face massage and you’re on the right track as the same thing holds true. A facial will improve blood flow to your face and help with lymphatic drainage at the same time. It will relax your facial muscles and get you a healthy dose of oxygen rich blood circulating around.

Facials of course also cleanse your skin. They help to remove toxins that we have picked up from pollution and also release all the dirt and grease that builds up naturally in the pores. A facial will open the pores and remove the dead skin cells and toxins that will leave you with a fresh feel and incredibly clean skin. They also tighten and firm the skin and can reduce puffiness, sagging and slow the onset of wrinkles.

Facials come in different scents and have different ingredients in them so you can choose the one to specifically target your problem areas or the one that gives you the best aromatherapy experience. All of this leads to relaxation and contentment which will transfer to the rest of your body as well.

A facial is done by an experienced professional who, just like your massage therapist or hair dresser is there to answer all of your questions. They can tell you what the different ingredients will do for you and also check for any allergies you may have before they start.

In short, a facial is a pampering experience that allows you to gain relaxation, contentment, and get great looking and feeling skin at the end of the session. Should you have more than one facial? Absolutely! Getting into the regime of regular facials will keep you looking great for years to come!

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