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Sheer Micro Bikini – Easily Lose Weight Before Swim Season – Take Only Three Supplements


There are hundreds if not thousands of web sites and fitness experts who will try to convince you to buy the latest fad diet to help you lose enough weight that you'll look good in a sheer micro bikini. But the fact remains that the word "die" is part of the word "diet," which, to most people who struggle to lose weight it means you will soon lose your enthusiasm (die to the idea) for following someone else's diet plan.

Losing weight is not about drugs, going to the gym, or buying the latest proprietary product on the market that you eat, drink, or swallow. Getting fit and staying healthy is all about cleaning out your body and getting rid of those elements that stop you from losing weight. The next factor in losing weight is to gather enough confidence and motivation within yourself to follow through with a program long enough so that you can achieve the desired results.

If you can motivate yourself to think or envision how you will look ten, twenty, or thirty pounds lighter, and when you wiggle into your bikini, then you're halfway there. No woman wants to continue year after year avoiding the task of shopping for another swimsuit when she's packing extra pounds on her body and gets embarrassed when it's time to go to a public beach or pool.

First, many women can not seem to control their urge for sweets. If this is you, then you might have a yeast infection which is robbing you of necessary vitamins. A yeast infection gives women bulging tummies and causes them to put on extra weight around their thighs or mid-sections. Did you know that a yeast infection will prevent you from losing weight, no matter what diet plan you're following? It's true.

Yeast in your stomach is the first thing that grabs the sugar that's traveling through your body. It adds extra pounds and unwanted fat to your body, and it deprives your brain of the sugar it needs to function. That's why when you have eaten a lot of sugar and you have a yeast infection, you feel tired and run down until you eat or drink more sugar. Then the cycle repeats itself. By the way, yeast can not leave your body on its own accord.

However, by taking three daily supplements that you can find at most health food and specialty stores, (without a prescription) you can eliminate most yeast-related weight gains within two to eight weeks. The supplements are:

* Caprylic acid in capsule form (to kill the yeast)
* Olive leaf extract in capsule form (to kill the yeast)
* Probiotic such as PB-8 (in capsule form) to restore friendly bacteria to your body.

If you kill the yeast, but do not give it a way to leave your body, it will multiply and make you sick; you will continue to gain more weight and not be able to lose it without totally changing your lifestyle.

This little plan sounds simple, inexpensive, and easy to implement because it is. If you want to slip into your silky sheer micro bikini, now you know how to do it by losing weight through getting rid of the yeast that's controlling your body and your appetite cravings.

Source by Alex London


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