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Should You Combine Diet and Exercise?


Have you found it hard to lose weight that you do not believe there is an effective way of doing it? With good diet and exercise, you can certainly shed off unwanted pounds that often, are distributed in the wrong places.

The quest for weight loss may not be easy but it is achievable. Surely, you have heard of success stories of people who went from size unbelievably large to healthy small. Alarmingly, "healthy" can never be associated with weight that can break the scale. However, the modern world that ushered in a lot of "instant" included food that contain calories that you can not compensate with physical activities because of time constraints. Are fast-food chains to blame?

Who to Blame?

You might think that being on the plump side is something hereditionary. To a certain degree possibly but observe and you will realize that more and more people today are becoming overweight. Their genes have nothing to do with it but the lack of physical activity in an environment where there is quick access to food, healthy or not.

In the final analysis, the major cause of weight gain is the lack of exercise and proper diet. Without physical activities, people tend to gain weight especially as they age. Without proper diet, weight gain can also be the result.

What to Do?

· For faster weight loss, take less calorie and burn more by exercising.

· Strictly follow a diet plan that can aid in losing weight such as choosing foods that provide the vitamins and minerals that you need for energy and health but with less calorie count.

· Find a diet program that is conducive to your body condition and lifestyle.

· Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. If you are not a vegetable fan, it is about time you start becoming one.

· As much as possible, prepare your own food to watch the amount of oil and fats that go into it. Takeout foods are generally fat-laden.

· Reduce the amount of your sugar and carbohydrates intake. Instead, go for protein and fiber.

· If you are a coffee or tea drinker, ask your doctor what sugar alternative you can take with either drink. The market offers many alternatives to sugar that taste as sweet minus the worry of weight increase.

Diet Plan that Works

If you think that low fat diet plus high carbohydrate diet is a sure-fire formula to weight loss, think again. What works for one may not work for the other because the right combination of protein, fat and carbs can vary from person to person. In other words, the road to losing unwanted pounds is not short. It is long but sure if only you strictly follow what is necessary for you to achieve positive results.

A diet plan that works is proper choice of foods and the right serving sizes that should go with the kind of metabolism you have and your lifestyle. Along with diet, you will also need to commit yourself to observe the right combination of strength and cardio towards becoming healthy, gaining muscles and losing excess weight. Great advertisements about weight loss pills, fad diet and other instant weight loss claims could only put you at risk. You could end up frustrated and go on an eating binge. The only combination that works is diet and exercise.

Combining Diet and Exercise

Needless to say, what works is not solely diet or exercise alone but together – diet and exercise! You could train no end, workout like there is no tomorrow but if you do not plan your diet accordingly, you will find that there is very little effect on your weight. You may gain lean muscles but they stay hidden under layers of fat especially on the big problem area, the stomach.

Combining diet and exercise could gain you muscles at the right places, fat loss at target areas and allow you easier weight maintenance. When you exercise and combine your training with low or reasonable fat diet, you create a significant impact on your fat stores and your metabolic rate at its best.

What you gain as you combine diet and exercise varies with the training you do. To achieve preserved muscles along with consistent weight you can do strength training plus a diet that is very low in calorie. If what you are after is a consistent metabolic rate, you can go for resistance training partnered with a diet plan that goes with it.

Source by Jen Rhoades


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