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Staying Hydrated – A Little Known Trick For Maintaining Better Body Hydration


Staying hydrated is something that we rarely think about as we go about our day to day activities. Until, of course we begin to feel the effects of dehydration.

The effects of dehydration are often subtle, but persistent and will only worsen with time.

Digestion problems, constipation, lethargy, brain fog, stiff joints and even the inability to lose weight are often related to dehydration.

I’d like to share a little known trick for maintaining better body hydration that you’ve likely not heard about. That’s likely because most of us don’t think about eating foods for staying hydrated.

Usually we associate body hydration primarily with drinking liquids like water or juice, however certain types of foods can be very helpful in staying hydrated as well.

Eating lots of high water content foods (in addition to drinking lots of water) throughout the day will not only help to maintain good body hydration, but will help with weight loss too.

These types of foods tend to fill you up fast as they contain more water and therefore have more volume. They are also very low in calories, so you can enjoy eating a larger amount of these foods for a lot fewer calories in exchange.

What are high water content foods?

These are fruits and vegetables that contain 80% or more water.

Some of the highest water content foods may actually surprise you too. There are at least 20 of these foods, however I’ll only mention a few of them here as an example.

Apples are made up of 84% water and blueberries contain 85% water. Both of these fruits make a great afternoon ‘pick me up’ snack and apart from being excellent high water content foods, they are also a good source of fiber. Furthermore, they make you feel full faster and are very low in calories.

Broccoli contains a surprising 91% water content and bell peppers 92%. You can easily include these vegetables in an evening meal either lightly steamed or raw. Once again, you’ll benefit from both their high water content and their natural fiber.

Source by A. D’Angelo


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