Sunset Balayage Hair

About a year ago, I had balayage done to my hair (see it here), which gave me the beautiful highlights I’ve always admired on others in a way that I knew I could manage/keep up with.  I have nearly jet black hair naturally, so 90s highlights starting at the root were impossible for me to maintain as I’m just not the type of person who enjoys going to the salon.  Once I learned about balayage, I grew my hair out as long as I could stand it one more time so I could a third donation to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program.

Just over two months ago, I had my balayage moved up and then dyed a magenta-ish hue (you can see it here).  I actually had no anticipation of changing it, but I came across–randomly–this image of sunset hair and fell in love. Like head over heels, can’t sleep, can’t eat, I want it NOW! kind of love.  (You can see the evolution of my hair coloring journey on my Pinterest board, haha.)  One of the neat parts about balayage is that I can retain a lot of my natural hair color at the top, which works for making maintenance easy (roots who!) but also in keeping up with consistency in photos on the blog overall as when I have my hair up, it has low impact on photos and how products appearance as you just see… my natural, black hair.

Lauren Krech at The Waverly Salon has handled all of my hair transformations since I first had balayage done, and she created a total masterpiece on my hair. It’s a magical sunset painted onto my hair; there is an insane amount of dimension in how the colors are layered and blended together.  It took just under seven hours to achieve my sunset hair dreams, but I am obsessed with how it turned out–I feel like it’s rare that reality exceeds expectations and that’s exactly what happened for me.  It shifts and changes at different angles, in different lighting, and even just by the direction it’s curled or brushed.

There were three “colors” that were applied, brushed, and artistically woven throughout my hair.  All of the dyes used were from the Joico Vivids range.  The purple mix included Indigo, Amethyst Purple, and a little bit of Orchid.  The pink mix included Magenta, Pink, and Soft Pink.  The more orange-hued color was a mix of Fiery Coral and Rose Gold (possibly a little Peach, need to confirm).

But here are the lessons I’ve learned having magenta hair for the last few months… Having 1″ x 1″ tiles with white grout in-between each tile on my shower floor =/= work with magenta dye — I pop back to the salon for a wash and have my colorist do quick braids, so then I dry at home (saves money), so that they deal with the dye that bleeds out for the first few washes. Also, putting on a clear coat helped tremendously! (After four washes, only a little dye bleeds during a rinse, so I can do it at home.) While I invested in black hair towels (over the white ones I’ve had for a decade), dark sheets/pillowcases are also a must. I’ve also had to adjust my routine that when I do wash my hair, I dry it shortly after instead of leaving it damp in a towel.

If you ever go for more vivid hair color choices, you’ll want to follow the general rules for maintaining color like choosing color-safe shampoos/conditioners, using cold water to wash, etc. How much or well it fades depends a lot on the state of one’s hair.

P.S. — This post isn’t sponsored; I found the salon via Yelp and have paid for all of my services.

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