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Super Useful Tips to Quit Smoking


In this day and age, our awareness of the harmful effects of cigarettes is at an all-time high. More than ever, people are actively searching for useful tips to quit smoking with increasing fervor and dedication. There are medical professionals who will urgently attest to how difficult it can be to quit smoking. Some equate it to the difficulty in trying to quit certain narcotics or opiates, as a matter of fact. This is due to that old demon, nicotine.

So what, then should we do to stop smoking? Well, several methods exist. Some people have success with just one while others report greater success using a mixture of them. The thing clearest, though, is that a person has to really have a desire to quit. This desire makes the smoker more receptive to useful tips to quit smoking above all else. But if the smoker is half-hearted about trying to put down cigarettes, he or she will ever fail.

Another effective method in the realm of useful tips to stop smoking is that all people who want to kick the habit make themselves sit down and create a plan for doing so. Remember this when it comes to smoking: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It's a medical fact that the first 72 to 96 hours of the effort to quit smoking is the most physically-distracting time in a new ex-smoker's life.

Without a plan to focus on, it's almost guaranteed a cigarette will find itself back between a person's lips very quickly. People looking for useful tips to stop smoking sometimes fail to see there are a series of steps to take in all good quit-smoking programs. In addition to the personal plan, they always should try to list health reasons for why they want to quit.

Keep this is mind: Nothing generally focuses a person more, and can make him or her her very highly receptive to useful tips to quit smoking, than the prospect of painful death. This death would be from any one of a hundred cancers resulting from cigarette smoking activities. With that in mind, probably one of the most effective of tips to quit smoking efficiently and effectively is to make an actual and real quit date on the part of the smoker.

Ideally, this should also be part of the overall plan to succeed and it, too, will help focus the mind on the task at hand. Actually, most useful tips to stop smoking revolve first of all around laying out a path for success and then following the path to a successful conclusion, which results when cigarettes are given up for good.

Above all else, though, the two most effective tips to quit smoking are these: You can cut back gradually, if doing so is the most effective way and suits your own mental makeup, or you can quit 'cold turkey.' Studies show each method can be equally effective as long as a plan is made beforehand. The common thread, in fact, which runs through all these useful tips to quit smoking, is a PLAN. Do you see where all this is leading?

Tips to quit smoking abound on the Internet. Take some time to research and see which will work best under each individual circumstance. Cigarettes as a fact of life can permeate every part of our existence, though, which is unfortunate. Sadly, it can make taking useful tips to quit smoking seriously all the more difficult.

Source by Wayne Stevenson


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