Trampoline Pads Replacement: Evaluate Shape and Size of Trampoline Pads Before Buying

All trampolines needs a safety pad regardless of their shape or size. Pads are necessary to avoid injury and also protect your springs. The quality of the trampoline pad is a factor which is usually easy to determine. Trampoline safety pads are usually composed of either PVC vinyl of polyethylene. PVC vinyl is an UV resistant material designed to withstand harsh UV rays for extended amounts of time. It is a durable vinyl which typically outlasts polyethylene material. Polyethylene is not UV resistant, making it prone to early deterioration. The standard width for a safety pad is 12 inches; however, there are some in the market which are 15 inches. The benefit of having a wider pad is that it helps protect the perimeter stitching on your trampoline mat, which is most sensitive to deterioration by UV rays.

Safety pads for round trampolines are usually the easiest to find. To determine what size pad you will need to purchase you should measure to and from the outside edge of the frame. Trampoline experts recommend that you take the same measurement in two different locations on the frame to be sure that you are purchasing the correct size pad. This measuring tip is recommended because often round trampolines tend to get warped over time, making a measurement in one direction smaller in one direction more than the other. Typically pads for round trampolines are stocked and ready for shipment.

Pads for trampolines that are not round can be more difficult to find. Many times trampolines that are not round require pads which are custom-made. The custom product is the result of the variance in sizes for trampolines which are not round as well as the fact that most people own round trampolines; therefore, companies stock round pads for the majority of trampoline owners. Measuring instructions can vary for custom products depending on the needs of the product designer. It is vital that the customer be as accurate as possible when measuring for a custom safety pad since most custom products are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Since the majority of trampoline owners possess round trampolines, round pads are generally less expensive than pads for trampolines that are other shapes. Though round safety pads may be less expensive, rectangular, square, octagonal, and other pads are usually composed of more durable materials causing them to last longer. Customers are encouraged to contact the safety pad company they are interested in purchasing from, to be sure that they are getting a high quality trampoline parts and accessories.


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