Trampoline Parts Replacement – Determining Size and Shape

Do you need a new mat, safety pad or springs on your trampoline? If so it is important to know that when purchasing any of these products you must be sure that you are getting the correct size for the trampoline to function properly. For example, if your trampoline require 7.0 inch springs, but you order 7.5 inch spring then your mat will not be able to provide proper jump due to the larger spring size. This difference will cause the mat to provide a very weak bounce, if any bounce at all. There are some general measuring instructions that you can follow to determine what size products you need. However, it is important that you confirm all measuring instructions with the company that you choose to purchase from because some requirements may vary slightly.

Typically for a new mat you will need to know your mat size or your frame size. For manufactures who produce custom products you will generally be required to measure your trampoline mat in two directions including the perimeter hardware. If the trampoline mat is torn, missing, or significantly damaged you may also be allowed to measure the frame in three directions to and from the spring holes on the frame. When ordering using frame measurements you will also be required to know the length of your springs. The customer is also required to know the spring count of the trampoline when purchasing a new trampoline mat, regardless of the measuring information needed.

When ordering a safety pad for a trampoline you will need to know the size of the trampoline frame. For all stocked pads this is generally the only information that is needed. If the trampoline is not round or requires a custom safety pad more measurements will be required. To determine frame size when ordering a safety pad all measurements will need to be taken to and from the outside edge of the frame, as oppose to the spring hole measurements required when order a mat.

Spring length should be determined while the spring is in the relaxed state, meaning you will need to remove the spring from the trampoline before measuring it. When measuring the trampoline spring you should measure from one end to the opposite end including the hooks on each end of the spring. Experts suggest measuring at least five springs from various locations on the trampoline to be sure that you are ordering the correct size. This suggestion is helpful because it can be difficult to determine if a spring is tight or overstretched at times. You want to be sure that the spring size is based on a good, tight spring and not an overstretched spring.

Please note that all measuring instructions mentioned above are generally guidelines for ordering trampoline parts. It is recommended that customers always confirm measuring instructions with the company they choose to purchase from.

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